Guest Post Over at Dear Debt!

Hey y’all!

Man, it’s been a busy couple of days. I have been working my tail off and watching a whole lot of movies. Catering has dominated my last two weekends and coaching is dominating my afternoons and non-profiting (not a real word) has been dominating my mornings. To top it off I’ve had to attend a few events and meetings, cutting into my regularly scheduled work load and throwing me for a loop.

So I totally failed to mention that I had a guest post go up! Over at ‘Dear Debt‘, I wrote a break up letter to my debt and Melanie, the wonderful owner of the site, posted it last Friday! Melanie is digging herself out of $81,000 worth of student loans, so she feels my pain. Her site is full of support and tips! So head on over and check out my letter to debt!

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2 Replies to “Guest Post Over at Dear Debt!”

  1. Great job Kara. I feel like I know your about-to-be ex and his friends all to well.

  2. It’s one of those relationships you learn from but you would have been ok never getting into. Oh well, onwards!

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