A Guide to Buying Healthy Foods At Walmart

Walmart is a Mecca of affordable pricing. The conglomerate is dedicated to keeping prices super low for it’s customers, which means it’s a great place to shop for those on a budget. Walmart’s low prices don’t mean you have to trade health for savings either. Walmart healthy foods can often be gotten at a bargain price. Let’s look at how you can shop healthy and save money at Walmart.

Why Shop For Groceries at Walmart?

You might think of Walmart as the home of affordable tv’s or where you stock up on socks. But Walmart has offered grocery shopping for years, and even recently started offering online ordering for food.

When it comes to rock bottom prices, it’s tough to beat Walmart. Other discount grocery store options are stores like Aldi’s, Kruger’s, and HEB. But many of these are regional. HEB for example, is only found in Texas and northern Mexico. Walmart is a national chain with more than 4,600 stores in the US alone. It’s an affordable and accessible store, which makes it an appealing place to do your grocery shopping.

Walmart’s brand is ‘Great Value’. Sticking to Great Value food items will save you a lot of money throughout the grocery section. Outside that, Walmart also has an organic food line that can be more affordable than other organic brands. Look for their line ‘Wild Oats’ for affordable organic buys.

Walmart Healthy Foods For You

So we know to keep our eyes peeled for Great Value and Wild Oats brands to save us the most money. But what foods should we be looking for to boost our nutritional intake? What are some healthy food options for us at Walmart? Here are some easy foods that come with a nutritional punch to help you live a healthier life.


Grab some avocados from Walmart to make healthier choices. Avocados have Omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Try putting avocado on your toast instead of peanut butter to skip the added sugar in peanut butter. Avocados also go great on salads and sandwiches.

Organic Milk

Organic milk has more fatty acids than non-organic, and studies show it’s healthier for you than non-organic milk.


Applesauce does have a lot of sugar, but it’s natural sugar and not the terrible-for-you white processed sugar. It’s also a packaged and shelf stable food, so you can stock up on it when you find it on sale.

Olive Oil

A journalist found that Walmart’s Wild Oats olive oil was cheaper than other brands. And olive oil is more heart healthy than butter or lard.

Walmart healthy foods to keep an eye out for are the foods you should keep an eye out for no matter where you are. More vegetables, less packaged foods. More lean meats like turkey and less red meat.  Eating healthy is a non-negotiable for us all. Investing in healthy foods is a gift to ourselves and our families.

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