Halfway To Being Debt Free!

Happy Saturday! I spent the morning doing some quick calculations and I am very happy to report that after 2 years of repayments, I am more than halfway to paying off my loans!

Total Borrowed: $25,302

Total Owed Today: $11,912

When I think that at this point last year I was $17,200 in debt and basically unemployed, I feel so thankful. I feel thankful that I have my five jobs today, that I have seen serious headway with my debt and that I am closer than ever to reaching my goal of zero debt. I don’t just mean monetarily, but mentally, emotionally and energy-wise. I have put time and energy into coming up with a plan to be debt-free, I have been executing it successfully for four months now and I am going to keep going. I feel lighter than ever before about my debt and for the first time since graduation, I can see the finish line.

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7 Replies to “Halfway To Being Debt Free!”

  1. That’s awesome, congrats! Five jobs though, how do you do it? The most I’ve had was 3 and it was kind of rough.

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy with it. I am lucky enough to work from home for three of them and weekends only for one of them. The remaining one is only two hours each afternoon, 5 days a week. I coach at a high school. =)

      1. That’s great! I’ve been doing online side work for a few years. Sadly the freelance site I was using for over a year went under recently, so I’m looking for another good writing website/agency.

  2. I just got into the freelance writing game and it’s been wonderful so far! I’ve had friends use Elance, do you have any experience with that?

  3. Good for you! My daughter has $15,000 she is chipping away at herself.

    1. Thank you! It’s satisfying to see it go down. I’m really excited to keep progressing towards zero!

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