I Don’t Get Tired

Need an anthem? Because I’m about to hit you with one.

Kevin Gates- I Don’t Get Tired

“I want them dead presidents
I want to pull up, head spent
Get it, get fly, I got six jobs I don’t get tired
And I don’t get tired
I don’t get, I don’t get tired
And I don’t get tired
I don’t get, I don’t get tired
And I don’t get tired
I don’t get, I don’t get tired
Get it, get fly, I got six jobs, I don’t get tired”

For two months I worked 5 jobs. I was a gym receptionist from 5:15am-10:30am, then would get home and work for my non-profit job and my social media manager job. I napped briefly and would head to coaching by 2:30 in the afternoon, come home and finish up any nonprofit or social media work. Every Friday and Saturday night I would cater for 8 hour events.

Kevin Gates understands me. ‘I got six jobs, I don’t get tired’ is the mantra that all of us in the struggle need. No matter your situation- maybe you have several jobs, maybe you’re raising two kids alone, maybe you have a sick parent- there is something that demands your time and attention and won’t let you quit. There is no time to get tired.

I love songs like this. I love inspirational quotes, I love success stories, I love people breaking through the walls in front of them and coming through to the other side. I love seeing other people get what they want and knowing that each day I’m taking another step towards what I want. Today I scheduled another $248 loan payment! I’m going to head into 2015 ahead of schedule!

I don’t mind hard work. I don’t mind currently having 4 jobs (though time management is difficult for me). I like pushing myself. I would rather sweat now, when I have the time, energy and youth to work long hours or do physical labor, than sweat later when I have bigger and more obligations and less flexibility. For me, becoming debt-free means so much more than no more monthly payments. It means total independence. It means security. It means taking chances. It means freedom for my money, my time, my direction in life. And if that means I don’t get to be tired for the next year, then no naps for me.

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