What Is Jillian Michaels Net Worth?

I’ll confess: I own two Jillian Michaels work out videos. Her abs haunt my dreams! I’ve spent literally hours of my life watching her work out and trying my best to do the same. (Sadly, I still don’t have her abs.)

Jillian Michaels has built a fitness empire. From her time on television to books to work out videos to an Instagram with over 1 million followers, the woman is a sheer force of nature. She’s been famous for decades too, and her reach extends far. She’s had lots of time to earn lots of money, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

This all begs the question of:  what is Jillian Michaels net worth?

The general consensus seems to be that Jillian Michaels net worth is $14 million. Here are  two articles that support that number.

How has she earned that much money, and how long has it taken her?

How Jillian Michaels Earns Money

Jillian Michaels began working as a personal trainer while getting her undergrad degree. In 2002 she opened  Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills. In 2004 she became part of the trainer team for The Biggest Loser, a position that would sky rocket her to fame and fortune. She was on The Biggest Loser for 11 seasons.

In addition to being on tv and getting paid for that work, Jillian released her own products, made media appearances, did trainings with people, has a Youtube channel, and appeared on other tv shows. She has a solo tv show called ‘Just Jillian’ that premiered on E! in 2016. It’s estimated that she earned $52 million in 2008 from sales of her at home workout video “30 Day Shred.”

Like I said, the woman has built an empire! It’ll be interesting to see what else she produces. Fitness is an evergreen product; people will always want to get fit or lose weight. There’s no lack of customers for her. As she ages, she can also build out products for older people and focus on her own generations health.

She’s got multiple sources of income and it doesn’t seem like the 43 year old is slowing down. So while she’s worth $14 million right now, I fully expect that to increase as she ages.

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