A Personal Finance Blogger, Post FinCon16

FinCon16 is over! I spent so much time anticipating the conference, and then so much time being awake at it, that my mind is totally mush right now. I’m laying on a friends couch typing, and I just want to fall back asleep!

This won’t be too long, since there’s exploring to be done, but I wanted to write a few words about my first FinCon.

FinCon is an intense and wonderful space. The pace is nonstop, but the overall tone is incredibly friendly. I spoke with hundreds of people, and everyone was so kind.

I went to FinCon16 with the intention of getting more freelance clients. I left with a much clearer view of what I want to create with my blog, and the kind of business I want to grow into. There are so many people doing inspiring things at FinCon! You can’t help but generate ideas and plans for yourself. 

As I found to be the case when I first googled ‘pay off student loans’, our community is a special, welcoming place. FinCon was that for me. I felt overwhelmed by the pace, but continually engaged and inspired by the content.

I want to echo some other people’s thoughts. It was definitely dude-heavy, and there are a lot of intersectional issues that need some space at FinCon. Even as someone who went with the purpose of drumming up more business, that’s not what the focus needs to be. Many people have already achieved huge success, or use FinCon as a social tool. I think adding in time to talk about the umbrella topic of money and life would add huge value. This world is not just about how to grow your email list, or

This world is not just about how to grow your email list, or earn your first million dollars. It’s about learning to see money as a tool, and using it to live your best life. There’s a lot that goes into that that isn’t productivity based.

I definitely want to be a part of #FeministFinCon, so if you’re involved in that please reach out! #ladypride

I should also mention that I believe I spent less than $400 to attend FinCon16. It can be done frugally y’all! I’ll write more about how to frugalize the conference when my brain recovers.

For other attendees, what was your experience? For people who followed from home, will you be in Dallas? Leave me a comment, or email me!

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27 Replies to “A Personal Finance Blogger, Post FinCon16”

  1. It was so much fun meeting you and talking with you even if it was just a few brief moments out of the entire event. I had major FOMO reading on Twitter about how you all connected with each other. I bought my ticket for Dallas as soon as I saw that it went on sale. So I’ll probably be the one driving to FinCon on the road trip next year and living off the free food. lol

    I agree with you about the intersection of money and life and I did not buy my ticket to listen to lectures…I just want to be able to hang out with my internet buddies who will all be in one spot.

    Like I mentioned on ONL’s blog, it’s surprising to me to hear that it’s so dude heavy because i feel like a lot of the bloggers that I read just happen to be women. A lot of the dudes I do read are more of the established already retired big timers, though i hear those guys are still super approachable and helpful and friendly as well.

    Looking forward to see how you implement your clearer visions for this blog.

    And to reiterate, it was so great to meet you and it means so much to me that you were so welcoming and willing to share stories with me.

    1. TJ! We can party in TX next year. I should say, there were a lot of women, and I definitely spent more time with women than with men. But the programming seemed slanted towards men, and the biggest names in the community are definitely men. So the hype is male focused, and that shifts the tone a little.

  2. Happy first FinCon!

    I saw you a few times but didn’t have a chance to say hello. I agree with you that there is a slant to the proceedings that leans heavily male and that may have something to do with the former and current big names being male despite the prevalence of women in the same space. And of course you likely saw that there were a few decidedly not-women-friendly occurrences for some of us as well. It’s not something I expected to have to be alert to but the conference organizers do make a conscious effort to address reports.

    I was surprised that there weren’t many sessions that I felt compelled to attend, I think I’m at an intersection of growing my income and blog but it’s not all business, it’s more about community and depth of character, and that doesn’t fit any of the areas of interest that FinCon addresses. The sessions I did attend, whether by my choice or my friends, were interesting, though.

    1. I’m bummed to have missed you! Maybe we can set up a skype date? 🙂 I found a few sessions helpful, but yes I totally agree. More of a focus on face to face stuff would be good, and less of an emphasis on money making would be a nice touch. I think the true value lies in connecting with people, so exploring that area would be nice.

  3. Oh FinCon…. How amazing it was. My brain has been operating under what feels like 50 tons of pudding today at work. I’m so energized and excited for the work on my blog, but I have zero expectations that it’s going to get done any time soon.

    I will definitely be attending FinCon 17 in Dallas! See you there! 🙂

    1. I heard so much about you but missed you the entire time! Skype date? Dallas hangout for sure!

  4. I didn’t notice it being dude heavy but I’m all for a women’s only financial bloggers conference. And I agree that I wish some topics were more about general life and money. Glad to have met you there!

    1. So nice to meet in person! I think the conference attendees itself was pretty equal, but the heavy hitters are all dudes.

  5. So glad we met finally! I had a pretty good experience, though am TIRED today.

    1. Still so tired! When will we recover?! It was wonderful to meet in person!

  6. Kara, it was SO freaking awesome to meet you in person and get to hang out for a few days! Your energy is amazing and you’re super smart, so it made for fun conversation. I’ll reach out to you soon about the #FeministFinCon idea we have going. Until next year! See you in Dallas, TX. 🙂

    1. Yes, #FeministFinCon! I want it! So, so great to meet you in person. You are always welcome in Austin!

  7. I was actually thinking about the feminist fincon thing too! If some one is organizing I sooooo want to be a part of it!

    1. Seems like there’s a lot of interest- I think we’re headed for some changes!

  8. The sessions were great, but as you mentioned, I do wish there were a bit more discussions about general money and money lifestyle.

    The best thing I attended during FinCon16 was an informal discussion on encouraging diversity in personal finance. I loved it so much because it was a general discussion about different attitudes toward money, etc.

    Did you go to that *certain* keynote towards the end of the conference that left a lot of people uncomfortable?

    1. I did! It was entertaining but clearly not for some people. That’s kind of what I mean- centering the conference on ‘make money’ and hearing from those who have had traditional access to money, isn’t always the most helpful stuff.

  9. So awesome that you all guys got to meet in person. #jealous
    Sounds like every blogger I follow ended up at FinCon!

    1. Come next year! I’d love to meet you in person

  10. I didn’t necessarily pick up on the same vibes that the conference was slanted towards men but I’m always down for some girl boss stuff. Can’t wait to see what happens with Feminist FinCon. Also, so glad we got to meet even if it was brief! See you next year in Dallas and good luck with your blog and business!

    1. Thanks Julie! Same to you. I actually thought the numbers were pretty balanced in terms of attendees. It was a more subtle vibe for sure. Let’s chat soon!

  11. I followed vicariously via Twitter a little bit. Looked good enough to convince me to buy my ticket to #FinCon17.

    See you all in Dallas!

    1. Yay! More people to meet in person. It was definitely a blast. I was exhausted in the best way after!

  12. It was so much fun to see you *and* podcast with you again! I’m with the others on not really noticing too much imbalance between men and women, but I just hang out with friends (mostly female). However, I would also like to see more sessions on how to connect with our audience – the people we’re trying to help – in different ways. I’m not all about the money; I would rather learn how to have more of an impact. Safe travels!

  13. I definitely have a FinCon hangover seeing as how I took two naps yesterday which never happens 🙂 It was so nice meeting you and getting to hang out for a bit. I noticed a healthy mix between men and women, but as always I’m all about #girlpower and would love to be involved in a conference just for the ladies as well.

    1. I feel like my sleep schedule has just now gotten back on track! I’m just supportive of more ladies in every area of life.

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