A Personal Finance Blogger, Post FinCon16

FinCon16 is over! I spent so much time anticipating the conference, and then so much time being awake at it, that my mind is totally mush right now. I’m laying on a friends couch typing, and I just want to fall back asleep!

This won’t be too long, since there’s exploring to be done, but I wanted to write a few words about my first FinCon.

FinCon is an intense and wonderful space. The pace is nonstop, but the overall tone is incredibly friendly. I spoke with hundreds of people, and everyone was so kind.

I went to FinCon16 with the intention of getting more freelance clients. I left with a much clearer view of what I want to create with my blog, and the kind of business I want to grow into. There are so many people doing inspiring¬†things at FinCon! You can’t help but generate ideas and plans for yourself.¬†

As I found to be the case when I first googled ‘pay off student loans’, our community is a special, welcoming place. FinCon was that for me. I felt overwhelmed by the pace, but continually engaged and inspired by the content.

I want to echo some other people’s thoughts. It was definitely dude-heavy, and there are a lot of intersectional issues that need some space at FinCon. Even as someone who went with the purpose of drumming up more business, that’s not what the focus needs to be. Many people have already achieved huge success, or use FinCon as a social tool. I think adding in time to talk about the umbrella topic of money and life would add huge value. This world is not just about how to grow your email list, or

This world is not just about how to grow your email list, or earn your first million dollars. It’s about learning to see money as a tool, and using it to live your best life. There’s a lot that goes into that that isn’t productivity based.

I definitely want to be a part of #FeministFinCon, so if you’re involved in that please reach out! #ladypride

I should also mention that I believe I spent less than $400 to attend FinCon16. It can be done frugally y’all! I’ll write more about how to frugalize the conference when my brain recovers.

For other attendees, what was your experience? For people who followed from home, will you be in Dallas? Leave me a comment, or email me!

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