Save Money By Shopping a Going Out of Business Sale

Ready to saveĀ  loads of cash and stock up? Then you’re ready for a going out of business sale. More and more stores are moving to predominantly online business models- how many headlines have you read that show another store closing?

A going out of business sale can mean huge discounts on all the store’s stock. So it’s a great chance to save on the pricier items that you normally avoid. Of course, you should only be shopping at the stores that have something you actually need. If you’ve never bought a single piece of home repair equipment, you probably don’t need to be shopping a home repair store’s going out of business sale.

Here are a few ways to save money by shopping a going out of business sale that actually applies to you.

Compare Prices

Online retailers are gaining steam because they’re cheaper to run. So before you shell out money for a going out of business sale, check it against the online price. Make sure to include tax and shipping in your online calculations. This comparison will give you the best price on any item you want.

Look For ‘As Is’ Sales

Stores hold onto merchandise that was returned damaged or that has a slight deformation. (Think a piece of clothing that has uneven hems.) Since the store is completely closing, they have to get rid of this inventory as well as the perfect pieces. Look for even bigger discounts on items being sold ‘as is.’ If you’re handy and able to fix slight marks or issues, you can save hundreds on pieces that are a little scuffed up.

Buy in Bulk

Going out of business sales are a great chance to stock up on things you know you’ll use. If a store has a food item that is shelf stable that you use constantly, buy in bulk! Similarly, if you know you’ll be re-doing your bathroom and you want to stock up on tiles or paint, go ahead and get ready for that project now. You’ll save money and have plenty of the things you need handy!

Shopping a going out of business sale is a great chance to get things that you need anyway at a huge discount. Don’t treat a sale as a chance to go totally wild with your spending; if you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it. But if you’re looking to stock up on a sale then now id your chance.

What have you gotten at a going out of business sale?

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