Things Frugal People Never Do

Things Frugal People Never Do

Frugality is a way of life. Frugal people go through their day thinking about savings and cost-opportunities. They believe in saving money which can be used for future endeavors. For me, frugality helps me invest in my retirement and save for my coveted vacation days. No matter the end goal, there is always a good reason to be frugal. If you are just starting on your journey, there are a few things frugal people never do.

Shop Without A Plan

If you are frugal, you are no stranger to research. When you are making big purchases or even some small, it’s best to comparison shop. You should search for your item online. Compare the initial price with three or four other stores. Once you have narrowed down the store, see if other discounts are available. You can try sites like RetailMeNot and Coupon Cabin to see if there is an additional cashback offering for the store you chose. Be sure to also check your credit card offers to see if the store is listed.

Pay Full Price

In addition to shopping with a plan, frugal people never pay full price. I do not care what store I am in or what items I am looking for, I will always check to see if there is a better offer. If it’s grocery, I check my digital coupons before heading to the register. At Target or Walgreens, I scan my shopping cart items using the app to see if there are any special store discounts or promotions that would benefit me. You should always check out the clearance rack in-store and familiarize yourself with the store’s mark-down day and times.

Buy on Impulse

If you are frugal, impulse buying is not your thing. While it happens every once in a while, frugal people shop with intent. You should know what you want before walking into the store. You should stay away from impulse bins throughout the store and the ones perfectly placed at the checkout counter. Adding these last-minute items to your cart can quickly increase your total.

For more things frugal people never do, check out the posted video. Don’t forget to share your dont’s in the comment box!

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