10 Things You Should Never Do for Your Kids and 10 Things You Should

Look, times have changed since the good old days when a nickel could buy you a candy bar and a handshake sealed a deal. I get it. The world your kids are growing up in might as well be a different planet compared to the one we navigated. But despite all the newfangled changes, some truths about raising kids with grit, gumption, and a solid financial foundation remain timeless. As parents, we love our children and would move mountains for them. But in our quest to do the best, could we be inadvertently setting them up for financial dependency rather than success? How do we tread this fine line between fostering resilience and ensuring their happiness, but strike a balance between frugality and nurturing a robust work ethic?

Never Do These:

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1. Don’t Buy Them Everything They Ask For

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Teaching the difference between wants and needs is crucial. Encourage them to save for non-essential items themselves.

2. Avoid Covering All Their Expenses

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Let them feel the weight of responsibility by paying for their own non-essentials or contributing to their personal expenses as they grow older.

3. Don’t Pay Off Their Loans Without a Plan

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If they accrue debt, guide them in managing and repaying it, rather than clearing it for them. This instills financial accountability.

4. Never Leave Them Out of Financial Conversations

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Sheltering them from the reality of household budgets and bills leaves them financially naive. Involve them in age-appropriate discussions about money.

5. Avoid Ignoring the Importance of Work

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Don’t give allowances without chores or work to earn it. Understanding the value of earning money is fundamental.

6. Don’t Neglect Financial Education

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Assuming schools will teach everything they need to know about managing finances is a mistake. Teach them about budgeting, saving, and investing yourself.

7. Avoid Co-Signing Loans Blindly

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Understand the risks involved. Co-signing without teaching them the implications can lead to financial strain on both of you.

8. Don’t Fail to Set Financial Boundaries

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Unlimited access to funds, without oversight, can lead to poor financial habits. Set limits and monitor spending.

9. Avoid Making Investments Without Their Knowledge

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Invest in their name if you wish, but involve them in the process. Understanding how investments work is invaluable.

10. Don’t Shield Them from Financial Failures

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Experience is a harsh but effective teacher. Allow them to make small financial mistakes under your guidance.

Always Do These:

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1. Teach Them to Budget Early

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Start with a simple allowance budgeting system to teach the importance of managing money.

2. Encourage Them to Save for Big Purchases

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Matching their savings for big-ticket items teaches the value of patience and hard work.

3. Instill the Habit of Investing

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Introduce basic investing concepts early on, to familiarize them with growing their wealth over time.

4. Promote Earning Their Spending Money

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Encourage part-time jobs or entrepreneurial ventures to earn their own money.

5. Show Them How to Track Spending

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Use apps or a simple notebook to make them mindful of where their money goes.

6. Involve Them in Charitable Giving

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Teaching the importance of giving back fosters a balanced perspective on money.

7. Open a Savings Account in Their Name

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Let them experience the responsibility and rewards of managing an account.

8. Discuss Financial Goals Regularly

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Setting and reviewing financial goals teaches them planning and prioritization.

9. Educate Them on Credit and Debt

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Understanding credit scores, interest, and the pitfalls of debt is crucial for financial health.

10. Model Financial Prudence

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Your financial habits set the benchmark. Be a role model in spending, saving, and investing wisely.

Money Talks: The Ultimate Parental Guide

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In essence, raising financially savvy kids is less about what we give them and more about what we teach them. The ultimate inheritance we can provide is not in our assets but in our wisdom—knowing when to step in and when to step back. It’s about preparing them not just for the next financial hurdle but for a lifetime of informed, confident financial decisions. Let’s raise kids who are as comfortable discussing ROI as they are recounting their latest Snapchat saga, shall we?

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