Top 8 Lesser Known Methods Of Making Money Online

Yes, we all agree that screen-time with kids and adults is becoming a problem today. There is great propaganda about restricting screen-time because it is considered as futile or a waste of time. But think again! Nothing is wrong or right in this world. It’s only thinking that makes it so. Very often we find a right in a wrong. How so? Well, we would say you can encash your screen time. Then no one will scorn you. In fact, you can become a role model in your circle.

Time is money and the internet is wealth. Make it worth your while. Make the best of the time invested online. You don’t have to have an online job or become a freelancer committing yourself to work and burying your head in research pages.

We are about to share 7 lesser known tips on how to make money online. So, sit back and don’t leave this page.

  1. Grow big with small investments

You don’t have to invest hundreds and the thousands of dollars to make money. Everyone can have a stake in the market. There are conservative investment options for students and low budget income families to invest. You can begin with a pocket change of as little $10.

You can begin by downloading an app called Worthy. The name befits it. Letting your money sitting is savings account will fetch you peanuts. It can hardly cover the cost of inflation. Worthy is a micro-investing app that will pay a 5% fixed return on your annual investment. Too good to be true? Well, here’s how it works. Your deposits will be invested in conservative bonds. Here’s the best part; you can withdraw your fund for an emergency without any penalty or fees. You can set it up as a recurring deposit and watch your money grow.

  1. Earn in ’Kicks’

We are not talking about literal kicks. We are talking about the money-making app called the Shopkick. No lengthy rules or catches. It’s a straightforward way to earn shopping cards. All you need to do is download and register your card. Every time you take a hike to your local store you get paid in kicks. You can redeem your kicks for a gift card at some of the most popular retail chains like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best-Buy, Starbucks, Target and even Sephora. Wait, don’t t start to run. There’s more. You’ll be paid more kicks every time you send a picture of the receipt on purchases of their qualifying items. Your linked card will automatically apply kicks every time you shop. You can earn kicks even for online purchases.

  1. Get Paid for Sharing Your Opinions

Taking online surveys is yet another way of making money online.  There are a number of research companies offering rewards for your valuable opinion. The registration process is quick and easy. Online surveys use different modes to pay. While some hand out gift cards for every survey taken, others give cash vouchers and prize draws. One note of caution is to be sure you register on genuine websites only. It makes sense to check out popular survey websites’ reviews before signing up.

  1. Don’t be a packrat

Don’t throw away your old CDs, videos, Bluerays, Video games, phones, and other electronics. Sell them! Well, there is an amazing app called as ’declutter’. Download it and scan the barcode on the item you would like to get rid of. It will give you an estimate. The app is absolutely free. No fee for selling or listing. The business model is built around the idea of free shipping and the payment is never late.

You’ve got to let go! Do you have clothes in great condition sitting in your closet? Prom or wedding dresses in your closet look gorgeous, but what good are they if they don’t fit you? Get real. Unless you are planning to lose weight, you are not going to find a use for them. If you don’t plan to lose weight, just lose the clothes and earn some money. Letgo is a convenient app that can help you list your clothes in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Be an online tutor

There are several counties that are not native English speaking. Teach English as a second language. The program of work is already chalked out and lesson plans are not necessary. You will have to simply guide a group of motivated children who are passionate about learning the language. The pay is usually $20 an hour. Each class is a 30-minute session.

  1. It pays to play

If you are one of those who just can’t get your hands off of gaming or watching videos, you must try Appkarma.  Earn to play. AppKarma is available in Google play store for Android phones and on the internet browser for iPhones. You will begin with 100 points for just signing up. You can earn a bonus of extra points by signing up using their promo code. Your Karma points can be exchanged for Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Pay Pal, and other retailer’s gift cards.

  1. Get paid to watch movies previews

A boon for movie buffs. How cool is that? You get paid by InboxDollars to watch the latest movies, celebrity videos and shows. Just by signing up you earn $5. Subsequently, you will be required to watch all the videos they prescribe. The show time and the duration are already mentioned. You can earn anywhere from $200-300 a month by just being a couch potato.

  1. Become a real estate investor

We are not talking about thousands of dollars. Here’s a company that can help you invest in real estate in just a little as $500. Surprised? Fundrise is a company that will invest your money is REIT (real estate investment trust). How does it work? Fundrisebuys properties worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. Your portion of the investment is used for raising capital. You can expect a return of 11% per annum for your investment. Higher returns are accompanied by higher risk factors. The process is transparent, and you can see where exactly your money has been put. A higher return is added to your portfolio if the investment is sold. You have to be prepared to shell out a very small fee of 1% in asset management and investment advice. Do keep in mind real estate and funds are subject to market risk.

Got any other ways to make money?  Leave us a comment below.

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