Ways to Save on Your Morning Coffee At Starbucks

A great start to many people’s mornings is a hot cup of coffee. While it’s most cost-effective to make it at home, many of us just don’t have the time. Instead, we rush to our favorite coffee spot and get it on the go. The most notable go to places, being Starbucks. While going every day can add up, there are tons of ways to save on your morning coffee at Starbucks.

Using The Starbucks App

If you do not have the Starbucks app, you are not taking advantage of your savings potential. From the app, you can order ahead and pick it up faster than waiting online. If you add cash to your account, you can pay using your phone. You can add those Starbucks gift cards hanging out in your purse to your balance as well.

For a person who spends a lot of money at Starbucks, calculate your monthly Starbucks bill and let it sit on your app. When you use the app to pay, you will then earn rewards points towards future purchases.

Bouns Buys and Challenges

Using the store’s app offers another unique way for you to save on your morning coffee at Starbucks. There are often opportunities to complete challenges for bouns stars on the app. These challenges are typically tailored to things you typically buy. Some deals may invite you to come into the store two or more times for bouns offerings and some may ask you to purchase select items.

During the summer and other times of the year, Starbucks also has special games for prizes and bouns stars that can be used towards future drinks, food, or Starbucks branded merchandise. To save on your morning coffee, don’t spend more money trying to beat challenges, instead, shop as you normally would and if you meet the challenges you will automatically earn those points.

Free Refills

If you have time to hang out in Starbucks early morning, or throughout the day, you get a chance at free refills. It doesn’t matter what your initial drink order is when you finish you are entitled to free refills of brewed regular, decaf,  iced, or cold brew coffee, or iced tea selections.

Pro tip: Be sure to bring a Starbucks cup from home, or purchase a reusable one from the store for $2. By bringing your cup, you can save $.10 per purchase every time you come.

Happy Hour

While happy hour doesn’t happen on your way to work, it is worth a mention. Typically every Thursday between 2 pm-7 pm Starbucks offers its customers a happy hour deal. This week’s deal was BOGO handcrafted drinks sized grande or larger. The deal varies from week to week but adds an extra opportunity for you to split the cost of coffee with a buddy, and save some money at the same time.

With all the extra savings you will earn from saving on your morning coffee at Starbucks, you can start putting it away in a high-interest savings account or even an investment app for a rainy day.

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