Can Health Insurance Cover Your Massage Therapy?

Medical insurance can be a tricky thing to navigate. There are hundreds of diffrent providers, insurance limits, and covered services. In addition to that, you have to find a plan that’s best suited to your needs and budget. If your someone looking to cover nontraditional health needs, then this is for you. Today we will be answering the question, “is a massage covered by insurance?”

Is A Massage Covered by Insurance

In short, yes, a massage can be covered by insurance. Under certain billing codes, a massage therapist can bill for their services. Many networks and providers offer these services. Your doctor can order and fill out a prescription for massage services and the therapist can use that script to get reimbursed for services rendered. Check with your insurance provider and massage therapist to ensure services are covered.

Billing Health Insurance Individually

If your massage therapist does not bill insurance for massages, there is recourse. As long as your insurance provider offers massage therapy under your plan, you can self bill. You may do so through a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA). Under an FSA you can use the credit card attached to your account to pay for massage therapy services. If you are not using an FSA, be sure to get a receipt from the therapist. The receipt must include the proper billing code, service you received, date and time stamp, as well as the business name and tax ID number. You can send this receipt to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Like a massage therapy provider, you can use a script from the doctor and add it with your receipt to make your claim more valid.

If you need a massage for the treatment of anxiety, stress, sprains, nerve pain, and other medical conditions, your message may be covered by insurance. Check with your health insurance provider and massage therapist, and get a receipt for rendered services.

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