Biden Targets Foreign Threats: Safeguarding Your Personal Data from China and Beyond

President Joe Biden is putting in place an executive order to beef up the protection of your personal data. The focus? Keeping your information safe, especially when it comes to dealings with countries that are considered not-so-friendly. So, let’s break it down. What’s Happening? The executive order is all about the booming business of selling […]

Trump’s Allies Allegedly Set to Transform America with Christian Nationalism Agenda

Documents obtained by news media company POLITICO allege that a group close to Donald Trump is working on bringing Christian nationalist ideas into the spotlight if Trump gets another shot at being president. Let’s take a look at the details. Russell Vought’s Initiative According to POLITICO, leading this effort is Russell Vought, the former director […]

Colorado Town Unanimously Rejects Sanctuary Status as Immigration Arrivals Surge in State Capital

A small Colorado town has chosen to remain a non-sanctuary city, refusing to accept immigrant relocations in a move that is spreading around the state.  Monument Says No After putting it to vote, the town of Monument, Colorado, unanimously voted to retain its status as a non-sanctuary city, while the state capital, Denver, has found […]

Supreme Court Weighs Big Tech’s Right to Censor in Landmark Free Speech Case

The Supreme Court’s consideration of NetChoice vs. Paxton and Moody vs. NetChoice represents a pivotal moment for free speech and content moderation on social media, challenging the balance between Big Tech’s editorial rights and state-imposed restrictions on content censorship. The outcomes could redefine digital platforms’ responsibilities and the legal landscape of online expression. Legal Challenges […]

Top 19 Worst Affected Sanctuary Cities: Big Government Funding Falls Short, Taxpayers Bear the Burden

Sanctuary cities in the United States face financial challenges as they prioritize protecting undocumented immigrants while struggling with federal funding shortfalls. In this listicle, we spotlight 20 cities, examining their federal support, the financial gaps they confront, and insights from their mayors. #1. New York City, NY New York City received a total of $7.64 […]