The Rise of Conservatism in America: 15 Factors at Play

In the United States, a noticeable trend towards right-leaning political ideologies has emerged, driven by various factors shaping public opinion and influencing voter behavior. #1. Opposition to Government Overreach Concerns over government overreach and encroachment on individual freedoms have led many Americans to align with right-wing parties advocating for limited government and personal liberty. #2. […]

Hospitals Under Fire for Allegedly Billing Patients Billions in Secret Fees

According to consumer advocates, hospitals overcharge patients billions of dollars every year. Senior Republican Bill Cassidy has urged President Joe Biden to act on this news and give American citizens peace of mind. Here’s the full story. Unveiling Hospital Overcharges American hospitals are making billions from overcharging patients.  Hidden Charges They rack up bills by […]

Leaders of Boston Churches Call for $15 Billion Reparations from White Churches

$15 billion in reparations. That’s the amount that Boston Church Leaders have demanded from “white churches” as compensation for their involvement in the slave trade. This has caused anger from certain factions, but many are urging the city churches to pay up. Here’s the full story. Demand for Reparations “Black people, the descendants of slavery, […]

Republicans Suggest Raising Retirement Age to 69, Restructuring Medicare

House Republicans are once again gunning for social security and Medicare payments. This time, they’re promising to raise the retirement age and restructure how medicare works – a plan that some Republicans aren’t on board with. Let’s take a look in more detail. Republican Study Committee’s Budget Unveiled Last week, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) […]

30 Clear Signs White Privilege Still Reigns in America Today

White privilege refers to the societal advantages that white individuals often experience due to their skin color, leading to disparities in opportunities and treatment. This list highlights 30 examples of white privilege prevalent in America. #1. Representation in Media White individuals see themselves as positively represented and dominant in mainstream media, reinforcing cultural norms and […]

Maryland’s Gun Insurance Law Means Big Costs for Owners

A controversial gun control plan, recently proposed by Democrats in the Maryland House, is currently making waves throughout Maryland. If this legislation passes, gun owners will have to buy liability insurance to carry their firearms in public. Gun advocates are calling the bill a concentrated attack on Maryland citizens’ Second Amendment rights, while gun control […]