Cheap Rain Water Storage Systems

Cheap Rain Water Storage Systems

As someone who loves to rely upon earth’s gift, I find it very important to be as self-sufficient and sustainable in as many ways as possible. One way you can do this is through gardening. While gardening is not the topic of this article, one way that we can make sure we get as much nourishment from the earth as possible into our garden is through the use of rainwater. Rainwater has many beneficial properties to include a healthy ph content. It promotes healthy skin and hair and aids in digestion. While there are some arbitrary laws that state collecting rainwater is illegal, you can check to see what the laws are in your state. It is the best source of nutrients other than proper soil for your garden. If you’re looking rainwater collection, here are some cheap rain water storage systems.

Storage Tote

If you’re going for super basic and very cheap, I recommend using a tote. It’s not the best collection method, but it is cheap and sustainable. Make sure you’re going to be using your water as soon as it fills up. I have one that I use for my hydroponic system. I used a hole saw to drill into the top of the tote. When it’s not in use for my system, I leave it outside and the holes at the top collect the rainwater. When it fills, I pour it back into my small garden at work. It’s very rudimentary, and there’s no filtration system. Make sure you chose a dark-colored tote as clear totes will quickly accumulate algae and bacteria.

Water Collection Barrel

You can get rainwater collection barrels for as low as $30 up to $300 or more. They come in a variety of different materials and are easy to use. While some have open tops, many only have a small opening for collection. A small opening or mesh screen placed at the top allows less debris, bacteria, and algae to collect in the container. This means longer storage of up to 100 gallons of water. These containers have to be used in conjunction with your gutter system, as seen here. A spigot on the barrel allows you to easily fill bottles, jugs, watering cans, and more.

Water Collection Tanks

A hardy collection tank also works. While they are more pricey in the $1000 to $5000 price range, it’s a great addition to a larger homestead or farm. They look amazing, hold over 100 gallons of water, and last a long time.

What’s your preference for cheap rain water storage systems?

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