How To Earn by Paying Attention

Earn by Paying Attention

What did you think of when you first saw the headline of this post? What could it possible mean to earn by paying attention? While there are a lot of answers, I doubt that what it’s really about came to mind. Why? Because it’s so new and innovative and forward-thinking that I certainly wouldn’t have thought of unless I’d been introduced to the idea. In short, I want to introduce you to Brave. It’s a new Internet browser that allows you to earn by paying attention. This is in stark contrast to today’s browsers that harvest your data for big business profits.

What is the Brave Internet Browser?

Brave is a new Internet browser. So, instead of using Safari or Chrome, you can use Brave. In the sense of being able to find what you want on the Internet, it’s the same thing. However, in terms of the experience Brave delivers to you, it’s an entirely different new model.

The Problem Brave is Solving

Today’s other Internet browsers are “free.” In other words, you don’t technically pay cash up front to use them. However, whether or not you know it, you’re paying a cost. Those browsers harvest data and monetize that data. The result is that a lot of big businesses make a lot of money off of your Internet browsing. They may not be businesses you want to support, and yet you do.

Moreover, these browsers often slow down the Internet as they work on this monetization process. In fact, if you’re using a mobile device, then this slow speed might actually be costing you in data time!

Brave is working to solve this problem. They, too, are free. You can sign onto Brave and use it just like any other browser. However, their ad process is entirely different. They’re working to give you control of your ad experience. You can actually earn by paying attention on the site. Then you can take those earnings or share them with content publishers that you believe in. You can support the businesses you actually want to support. This is a huge new move in the Internet browser space.

How Can You Earn By Paying Attention on Brave?

You can opt in to a service called Brave Ads. Advertisers promote their work on the platform. You earn by paying attention to those ads. Believe it or not, you actually earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave receives when you view that ad.

So, when you watch the ad, you get Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). You can spend those online. Alternatively, you can cask out at the end of the month. Equally important, you can choose to tip your BAT to your favorite websites and content creators. Basically, when you see something that you really like online through the Brave browser, you can tip people for great content.

Why This Matters So Much

Sure, it’s cool that you can earn a little money this way. But it really matters because it gives you so much more control of your online browsing experience. Instead of seeing the ads that big business dictates you should see, you get to decide what ads you like. You get to support the content that you really believe in. Then you get to see more of the content you actually care about. It’s a powerful thing if you think about how this totally changes the dynamic of the online experience we’ve all had over the past years.

Will you try the Brave browser? Why or why not?

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