17 Budget-Friendly Foods to Keep Your Family Well-Fed

In a time when everyone is obsessed with cutting costs, most Americans turn to their grocery bill as a place to slash costs. But with grocery prices continuing to rise, it can be confusing where to start. Let’s look at 17 foods that can save money and recipes to keep your family well-fed.

Keep in Mind

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Instead of focusing on what foods are off-limits due to budget constraints, consider incorporating affordable yet nutritious items onto your grocery list.

Frozen Vegetables

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The frozen section is not often associated with healthy options, but frozen vegetables can be the perfect nutritious and cheap choice. These vegetables are often picked when ripe, and are still packed with all the vitamins needed for a balanced diet.

Rotisserie Chicken

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Rotisserie chicken can seem bland, but with a well-stocked spice cabinet and some creativity, it can be the perfect meat go-to. Chicken salad, soups, and even the fat can be rendered as a savory butter substitute.

Bouillon Cubes

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These salty cubes may not look promising, but bouillon cubes can be added to anything in a pinch. Use them to flavor rice dishes, risottos, soups, and chowders.

Canola Oil

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If rendering chicken fat isn’t within your skill set, an effective option is buying canola oil. This oil is much cheaper than it’s shelf mates, and works a versatile fat source in all methods of cooking. 


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A go-to favorite of this author, pasta is versatile and often on sale. It is an excellent filler and great source of starch. Partnered with the previous frozen veggies and seasoned rotisserie chicken can turn an expensive restaurant meal into an affordable homemade staple.


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Revered in the plant-based community, beans provide plenty of protein while costing a fraction of what most meats run for. Buying them dry and soaking them overnight can be another way to make your dollar stretch further.


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If there is still some hesitancy in protein of a vegan diet, eggs can be an excellent alternative. Add them to protein bowls, boil them for a quick snack, or pair them with frozen vegetables to create a delicious omelet for breakfast. 

Seasonal Produce

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Seasonal fruits and vegetables are recommended for budget-conscious shoppers, as they are often discounted during peak harvest times.


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A clear underdog, potatoes can offer a lot more than french fries. Potatoes can be combined with frozen veggies and beans to make a tasty shepherd’s pie.


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For more veteran homecooks, flour can be a hero to your kitchen and bank account. Flour is useful for homemade pasta, bread, and baked goods. It is also an incredible ingredient to added necessary vitamins and minerals.


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Need a grain that is low-cost and high-fiber? Look no further. Oats can be used for more than just oatmeal. They can be a fantastic base for granola and baked goods as well. Oats are also heart-healthy, helping lower cholesterol levels.


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A friend to your wallet, rice is rich in fiber and vitamins. Rice, combined with any of the items above, can make for a tasty and creative meal that is sure to keep you full and energized.


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A close relative to our beans, lentils are a healthy and low-priced staple for any home. They can be added to salads, soups, or protein bowls. Lentils can also be purchased dry and soaked overnight for a portion of what canned options go for.


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 The first fruit on this list is quite affordable, especially when in season. High in antioxidants, apples can be eaten raw or blended into a delectable apple sauce.


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Bananas are budget friendly and rich in essential vitamins. Whether consumed as a snack or added to oatmeal and baked goods, bananas are fruit that can be placed in the grocery cart without guilt.

Plain Yogurt

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This cost-effective dairy is easy on your earnings and great for your gut. Plain yogurt goes well in smoothies, dips, and sauces. It can also be an excellent substitute to more expensive creams or flavored varieties.

Block Cheese

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Another budget-friendly dairy option that serves as a source for protein and calcium. With a little elbow grease, block cheese can be cut, grated, or melted to make any meal extra delicious.

Be Mindful

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While there are a number of other factors to consider while shopping, these foods provide a starting point for saving money.

Mixing these ingredients and adding your own unique flair can lead to delicious recipes that will keep money in the bank while keeping your household healthy and full.

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