Frugal Ways To Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

Frugal Ways To Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

When it comes to eating, I love fruits and veggies. They make for a great snack, meal, and side dish. I have been trying out all sorts of goodies from Misfit Market lately. I’ve cooked vegetables I have never tasted before, such as fennel, leaks, and baby bok choy. Aside from eating, fruits and veggies have been piling up in my fridge. While I rush to eat them as quickly as possible, I wonder, what are some better frugal ways to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer? Here’s what I found.

Store Them Properly

I have learned, not everything goes in the fridge. Also, you cant put certain foods together just because you don’t feel like finding the time to make room. Some stuff belongs on the counter. This goes for foods like stone fruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Keep foods like onions, garlic, watermelon, and apples away from other produce. Also, do not wash off your berries before you are ready to eat them. Lastly, if your vegetable or fruit comes in a husk, leave it on until you are ready to use them as well.

Freeze Them

Sometimes you may have more fruits and veggies than you need. This is especially true if you’re growing your own produce. In such cases, you need alternatives to help you keep them fresh and ready to consume. You could do this by freezing the excess. Be aware not every item will be able to sustain freshness after the process like lettuce. At my house, we like to freeze peas, beans, berries, and broccoli. Learn more about the freezing process here.

Can Them

You can also opt for canning your produce. It often requires a heating process and some sealing technology to store them in cans or jars. It works wonders for jams, preservatives, and goodies like tomatoes, peppers, pickled condiments, and even beans. 

You don’t have to rush to eat all your favorite fruits and veggies because they have piled up in the fridge. You can store them properly, can, or even freeze them to extend their life for fresh eating all the time.

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