Frugal Ways To Save On Food

Frugal Ways To Save On Food

This week I am all about dieting and saving money on food costs. I can admit I eat out way too much and spend more than $500 a month doing so. This month I am curbing those habits and getting healthy. That means not only exercising, but finding frugal ways to save on food. Here’s what I am doing differently than before:


My go-to activity is couponing. Whenever I need to shop for groceries, I start looking for coupons to save me money on my shopping trips. I start by making my grocery lists. Then, I head over to the store’s website and look through the digital coupon section. I add all the coupons I need to my account for easy application at checkout. Then, I utilize my cashback applications and look for applicable deals there as well. When finished, I do a coupon deal sweep on the internet. I look at coupon groups, see what they are getting free or cheap, and make sure I locate the corresponding coupons.

Low-Cost Meal Prep

Another thing I look into is low-cost meal prep. I am health conscious with the food I buy for my household, so there is an expected higher cost. I get around that by locating cheap and easy meals that I will love. The meals almost always include healthy, low-cost vegetables that I acquire from Misfit Market or Aldis. They have the best prices on produce. I tend to buy rolled ground turkey, which is $2 cheaper than the container packaging, chicken, and fish. I like to go to Kroger for many of my meat items as they are usually on sale there. For grains, I am simple and only consume quinoa or brown rice, which I like to pick up at Dollar Tree. Pasta noodles are also cheap. I either make them from zucchini or pick up BOGO pasta packages at Publix.

Curbing Your Appetite

Lastly, I have to curb my appetite. I have grown accustomed to large lunch and dinner portions and no breakfast for many years. This week has been a challenge for my stomach. I found myself feeling empty, even when snacking all day on nutritious foods. When you have a large appetite or eat a lot of heavy meals, your body gets used to and expects those portions all the time. That translates into more money being spent on groceries or dining out. Instead, I am training myself to survive on more healthy portions of food. That leads to more leftovers and less money spent over time.

How are finding frugal ways to save on food?

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