Ways to Use Essential Oils At Home

Ways to Use Essential Oils At Home

Recently, I’ve been trying to use up all of the different items that I have at home before I purchase any more. In doing this, I realized that I have a lot of essential oils. So, I’ve been exploring different ways to use essential oils in my home.

What Does It Mean to Spend Out?

I’m simply trying to declutter my home of the things that fill it. Moreover, I’m trying to save money by using what I have instead of buying new things. I’m reminded of Gretchen Rubin’s concept to Spend Out. She offers up many benefits to the process. One that I’m really relishing right now is the concept of abundance. We can use up what we have because there will always be more good things to come. I’ve felt a lack of abundance lately, so this practice is helpful for me.

How I Already Use Essential Oils

I have a few dozen bottles of essential oils. I use them simply to make the house smell nice. I do this in a few ways:

  • I have a wonderful oil diffuser. This allows me to create lingering wonderful scents in a room.
  • I spray my pillows and bed a few times per week. Usually I use calming lavender oil for this.
  • Sometimes I add oil drops to my shower. I use tea tree and eucalyptus oil to open up my breathing.

But that’s about it. There must be so many other ways to use these essential oils around the home. So, I started doing my research.

Essential Oils for Cleaning the Home

One of the easiest ways to use up essential oils is to add them to DIY cleaning products. The Prairie Homestead offers ten great recipes. Basically, we already make a lot of DIY cleaners using different combinations of water, vinegar, baking soda, oil, etc. Adding essential oils to them just makes the home smell nicer as you clean. Personally, I’d rather smell citrus or mint or floral oils than vinegar. Wouldn’t you?

Other Ways to Spend Out Essential Oils

Here are some of the other ideas I found online to help me use up the essential oils that I have:

  • Use them like you would use Febreeze. I suppose that I already do this with my bedding, as I mentioned. However, I can also spray coats, jeans, and other clothing with essential oils.
  • Add them to body oils. This is so obvious that I can’t believe I haven’t done it recently. I actually learned how to mix essential oils into massage oil when I was in my late teens. At that time, I had taken a massage therapy certification course. I used to do this all of the time and then I forgot!
  • DIY medical and beauty treatments. One Good Thing explains that you can use essential oils to treat headaches, yeast infections, UTIs, and sleep problems. Moreover, you can add them to creams, soaps, and other ingredients to improve your beauty routine. They may tighten skin, brighten and grow hair, and act as a serum.

How do you use essential oils creatively around the home?

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