Frugal Ways To Warm Your House During Winter

Frugal Ways To Warm Your House During Winter

Fall is just about to turn into winter. While winter comes with several memorable holidays, it’s also cold. Cold weather means boots, hats, and lots of warm jackets. Being bundled up comes with the season, and while we normalized cold weather outside during that time, we do not want that chill indoors. Some people are comfortable turning up the heat, but it can prove costly. For those of you looking to save on high heating and electric bills, here are some frugal ways to warm your house this winter.

Winterize Your Home

You can select products for your home that are particularly suited to keep cold air out and trap warm air in. I would first start by adding heated flooring to frequented places in the home without carpeting. You can add them to bathroom flooring, showers, and even hallways and bedrooms. If heated floors are out of range, pick up some comfortable fluffy rugs. You can also winterize your home by keeping an ample supply of heated blankets around, using draft guards, installing clockwise ceiling fans.


Cleaning your home goes a long way towards energy consumption and heating. To make sure your systems are running efficiently, make sure your filter is clean. If it’s filthy,  replace it. Also, check the dampers on ductwork to ensure there are no leaks. Be sure to clean out all of the vents in the home and insulate your attack and even garage.


You can also opt for a perfect fireplace in lieu of having the heat turned on. To conserve money you can pick up an electric fireplace. It gives off the perfect ambiance with the heat to match. You can also purchase firewood locally and burn some in your fireplace if you have a wood-burning one. If you don’t have a fireplace or can not afford one opt for a portable fireplace or heater instead.
There are many frugal ways to warm your house during the winter. For more tips, watch the posted video, and if you can offer up some, drop a comment below.

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