Fun Frugal Activities for the Family

When it comes to fun activities for the family, they usually come with a high price tag. The cost of a zoo trip, amusement park, and other entertainment venues can mount. For families who want to have fun at these types of venues, but at half the cost, there are solutions for you. Follow along for fun frugal activities for the family. 

Zoo Passes

You can get up to 4 free zoo passes at your local library in most states. To get the tickets, you must check out the Zoo DVD. Once you check it out and watch, just return it to the library. Upon return, you will receive a 4-pack of tickets to take your family to the zoo. Your library may have other similar ticket programs. At Georgia libraries, you can receive free tickets to the Micahel C. Carlos Museum, the Center for Puppetry Arts, The Go Fish Education Center, and other venues.

Bank of America Museum on Us

If you are a Bank of America or Merryl Lynch customer there are some perks for you. One of the biggest is free museum days. These dates are conducted on the first weekend of each month. There are close to 220 museums across the United States that participate in the program. Be sure that each family member you want to bring, has a debit or credit card attached to the bank and photo id for free entry.

Movie Tickets

Movie tickets can be easy to come by as well. If you like free advance passes, go onto Advance Screenings. After adding in your zip code and your preferences, you will get offers direct to your inbox. To get your passes, you must log into your account as soon as you see the offers. Screenings can come from Sony, Gofobo, Lionsgate, and more and are always free to you. Once you get the tickets, be sure to get to the theater early on the designated time, as it’s first come first served. You may get lucky and meet the cast of a film or get free concessions and gifts.

I have personally seen many screenings using this site. These films included Hotel Transilvania 3, Room Escape, and the show Hannah. I have also sat for q&A’s with the cast after some of the screenings. For other movie ticket deals, checkout Atom promos and summer film screening programs.

If you are looking for exciting ways to entertain the family, but want to maintain a budget, these are the best fun frugal activities for the family.

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