Habits You Can Immediately Quit to Save Money

habits to quit to save money

We all have bad habits. Such habits vary from person to person. For me, it’s not taking enough time to ensure my home is clean and in tip-top shape and leaving losing my keys every day. For others, it could be eating unhealthy foods, biting their nails, or even smoking. One major source of bad habits centers around money. If you are having trouble keeping money in your pockets, here are a few habits to quit to save money.

Drink At Home

It’s okay to have a night out on the town if you feel like it. It is also okay to go out drinking. Drinking is not a crime, but how much they cost at your local eatery should be. Opt to have one or two drinks whenever you go out or look for drink specials. Otherwise, you are adding $10-$15 per drink to your tab. If you do not have to have drinks out, pre-game at home. That $15 mixed drink or two is likely the cost of a bottle of your favorite beverage. It will also probably last longer.


I think everyone is guilty of spending too much money. I know I get swipe happy all the time, then open up my bank account and shake my head. Consistently overspending could lead to problems with debt accumulation, and in general, could lead to less money in your savings account. To curb your spending, set a budget and put a system in place to make sure you stick to it. You can also leave your debit card in the car when you do not need it and delete those cards off of Apple Pay. Unlink your cards from online shopping sites and instead set up automatic drafts from your account into your savings or investments.

Making Minimum Payments

Minimum payments were made to help people pay off their debts in affordable increments. While it seems beneficial, it’s certainly not. Making minimum payments ensures you will pay maximum interest on your debt balance. Over time you end up paying significantly more for purchase than you would have if you paid in full quicker. This holds true for other debts or bills that you make late payments on. While sometimes unavoidable, those that make a habit of making late payments will incur hundreds in fees at the end of a year. Instead, never charge more than you can afford, pay in full whenever possible, and set your bills on autopsy if you are always late to pay the bill.

For more information on habits to quit to save money, check out the posted video.

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