How To Use Tote Bags To Market Your Business Effectively

Advertising, marketing, and generating awareness for your small business can be tricky at the best of times. But, prospective customers love free and inexpensive swag—especially tote bags. Tote bags are incredibly versatile items that can work for anything from marketing initiatives to Simply being used as a storage container for the goods you sell. Tote bags can come in various sizes, shapes, designs, and customizable options. That gives them quite a bit of versatility for marketing purposes. Depending on your overall goal and strategy, there are a number of ways to use them effectively. In this article we will tell you how to use them for effective marketing. Check it out below.

Make Sure It Has Your Business Logo


If you’re using tote bags as a marketing item, you’ll want to put your logo, business information, and contact info prominently on the back. This type of customization is critical for reaching a wider audience. Since the tote bags are reusable, people are more likely to take them around as they’re shopping or performing other tasks. When somebody sees your information there, it might pique their interest. That’s one reason why custom tote bags featuring your logo and business information are such great marketing tools. When folks walk around using them, it provides free passive marketing and advertising for your brand. Someone might see your logo and decide that they’re going to patronize your establishment. The quality of the bag might make them decide they want one too, generating potential interest in your wares. Ultimately, having your logo prominently displayed on something as functional and eye-catching is a tote can help your business in the long run.


Ensure Durability


Once you’ve designed your tote back, you need to ensure it is a durable product. When searching for the right type of bag to sell, you need to weigh the pros and cons of material types. A durable tote bag will last a lot longer than something made of flimsy material. Canvas, denim, upholstery fabric, muslin, and even hemp are all quality fabrics for tote bag construction. Cotton is also a good choice because it’s durable, easy to clean, and renewable. Unfortunately, it’s not moisture resistant and it might make your bag a bit heavier. Canvas, jute, and hemp offer fantastic alternatives for their high durability and quality. Spend some time weighing your options to get the most from your tote bags.


Make Them Exclusive


To get the most out of Marketing your tote bags, you want to have an air of exclusivity surrounding them. Consider giving them away at one-time events, trade shows, or as part of an in-store promo. You can also use well established, subtle marketing strategies to make them more exclusive so your customers are more inclined to engage with them. A key component of marketing is making a product seem scarce and desirable, but ultimately attainable. There’s a good reason the phrase “while supplies last” is such a lasting part of the marketing vernacular. When it’s done right, it can be quite successful. Try using social media and your website to build posts and ads that can make your tote bags really stand out to potential customers.


Sell Them In Your Store


If you don’t want to use them as giveaways, tote bags make a fantastic sale item! Depending on the nature of your products, a bag can be handy for enhancing the shopping experience or for packing up the customer’s products. If you charge a small amount for the bag, you can make a profit on it while reaping the rewards of having it act as a passive advertisement. Another strategy to consider is offering a discount for repeat customers who bring the bags back and use them. This way, you can leverage the power of a canvas bag to create returning customers. Since you can buy customized bags at wholesale prices, charging a reasonable price for them as a sale items can work out in your favor.


Use Them In Conjunction With Social Media Marketing


Any marketer worth their salt knows the value of leveraging social media to their advantage. Social media is accessible by everyone, everywhere, at any time. That makes it one of the most accessible platforms for planning and marketing strategy. Now, inundating followers and pass her by with constant marketing messages isn’t going to be effective. For social media, the goal is to build engagement. Tailoring your strategy to build that engagement can come from many different places. You might use a contest to draw potential customers in or provide a digital coupon of sorts to get a free tote bag when they make a certain purchase. That’s where using tote bags as a promotional item can come in handy. By offering them as part of your social media marketing campaign, you’re not only drawing in potential leads, you’re also finding ways to advertise your organization. Because social media is so good for extending your reach, it’s vital to choose an item worth advertising as a promotional giveaway. Since tote bags are so multifaceted, they make a great option for this purpose. When it comes down to tweaking your marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness, you can’t go wrong with a quality promotional item.

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