Is Proofread Anywhere Worth a Try?

Is Proofread Anywhere Worth a Try?

There are many side-hustles out there for you to get into. For me, it’s writing, but there are many other lucrative opportunities with low buy-ins and high earning potential. One such opportunity is in editing and proofing. With limited skills and the right attitude, you can be well on your way to earning extra income. If you want to educate yourself on how to proofread, check out courses online. You may come to ask yourself later, are sites like Proofread Anywhere worth it? I think so.

Free Traning Courses

Proofread Anywhere offers free training courses to those looking to get into the proofing business. There are two free courses listed on the website, which have been deemed authentic by reviewers everywhere. The first course is a general proofreading course. It is for beginners. It teaches the basics about marketing yourself as a proofreader and how to do the work in 40 lessons. The second-course offering is Transcript Proofreading. This brings you into a niche proofreading market, perfect for people who want to proof court transcripts. It’s highly detailed and goes over theory and practice using real-world examples.

Proofread Anywhere also offers a free 7-day mini-course, a $97 Money Mindset Transformation workshop, and a resource guide for $34.


Under the FAQ section of the website, you will find great resources. There are personal stories from writers who took the course. They have information concerning how to get noticed as a proofreader, information on the market, and using technology like an Ipad to conduct proofing work.

Will They Help You Get Work

I searched the website to find out if there are resources for finding proofreading jobs once you finished the course. I found that the website does not explicitly post job openings or state where you can find proofreading jobs. However, the FAQ states that they will disseminate that information to students who successfully enroll in and finish the course.

If you are looking for a side hustle, proofreading could be it. With limited overhead and high reward, it’s a promising position. If you want to learn the business, Proofread Anywhere is worth it.

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