Should You Spend a Lot of Money on Your Wedding?

A wedding remains one of the essential events one can have. For many people, having a wedding is a dream they’re unwilling to relinquish. If you plan a wedding soon, it may boggle you how much love costs a fortune. Do you have to spend a lot of money on your wedding, though? Let’s zoom in on the traditional wedding and how you can have your cake and eat it, too.

The Money Drain: Hidden Costs of the Traditional Wedding

An average conventional wedding in the U.S. costs $25,000, while a wedding in the U.K. costs £30,355. That’s enough money to put a student through college or make a down payment on the house. That’s interesting, considering how much it takes to dissolve a marriage. For example, as of 2020, the marriage dissolution fees in Colorado were just $230.

Why are traditional weddings so expensive? One of the factors to blame is societal pressure. From a young age, children are fed Disney tales of the perfect themed wedding, with exquisite décor, exclusive destinations, and the perfect Vera Wang dress. Entire bridal magazines help perpetuate this dream wedding idea.

Don’t get this wrong; weddings are beautiful, and sometimes, this glamor comes at a high price. The high price tag may be the reason many people live together unmarried. In fact, 5.5 million couples staying together aren’t married. Considering the high cost of living, maybe it’s time to rethink how weddings are done without killing the dream. Besides, couples can use this money to invest in a mutually beneficial project.

Saying ‘I Do’ Differently: How to Save Costs

Weddings hold a strong sentimental value for many people, so doing away with weddings is not an option. Besides, if we can’t enjoy the very things that make us human, what’s the point of earning and investing? The best strategy, therefore, is looking for ways to say ‘I’ do differently—looking at the wedding budget and shredding what delivers little value.

You can still have your wedding by keeping costs moderate to have financial stability in the long run. You can save on costs by asking your family and friends to help with service provision; for example, DIY decoration. You could also consider sending out digital invitations over luxurious and personalized invitations. Be sure to look for a wedding package deal so you can get a discount. Avoid highly personalized items that can drive up costs quickly

While you may feel that these cuts and saves will make your wedding dull, saving costs will give you stability in the long run. Even more, the key ingredient to make your wedding memorable isn’t in the exquisite décor but in your shared moments. You’ll create a robust foundation for your marriage, so you don’t end up in the 48% of couples divorcing after 20 years.

Frugal but Fabulous: Balancing Cost with Personalization

Now, note you can have a fabulous wedding without breaking the bank. It would not be worth it if you squeezed everything and lived to regret your wedding. One of the best ways to keep costs low while keeping the glam is highlighting the most essential things for your wedding. Is capturing moments with the camera essential to you? Or is it having a memorable honeymoon?

Once you have picked the most valuable elements of the wedding, look for providers with excellent services. A good element can steal your guests’ attention from the not-so-glam elements. For example, great music can make your guests forget the good-but-general floral arrangement. When selecting high-impact elements, don’t feel awful if you have to spend a little extra. Photography, food, and drinks are worth it because they help you create lasting memories.

Bringing it all together, let your love take priority, not your finances. If you can figure out with your significant other the most important aspects, you can direct your money to where it’ll make the most impact. Remember, sometimes you must choose your priorities over succumbing to societal pressure to act a certain way.

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