Switching to Vaping? Here’s What You Can Expect

Smoking electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping, has become a popular alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Smokers are increasingly switching to electronic cigarettes, reporting that vaping is cheaper, more versatile and more fun than regular cigarettes. This basic discussion of electronic cigarettes may give you a head start if you are looking at making the transition.

Vaping Basics

You may have seen people using some of the numerous styles available in the e-cigarette market. Some resemble traditional cigarettes; others look like pens or flashlights. Electronic cigarettes, also called personal vaporizers or e-cigarettes, generally have rechargeable batteries and a heating element that vaporizes, or atomizes, a liquid tobacco product. The liquid formulas, or e-liquids, are available in countless flavors and concentrations, with intriguing brand names such as Naked 100 and Ruthless E Juice.

Generally, pushing a button activates the atomization of the e-liquid product you have chosen. There is little, if any, second-hand smoke problem with e-cigarette use as the vapor coming from the unit or from the smoker is not smoke. This social advantage of vaping seems to have partially tempered some of the judgment and derision previously pointed toward smokers.


The world of e-liquids traverses multiple sectors, including food science, e-technology, pharmacology and what might be best termed mixology. The industry is self-regulated and prides itself on its safe and sustainable manufacturing standards. Most e-liquid formulas contain various levels of propylene glycol, glycerin, food flavoring and nicotine. Smokers can choose the ratios of the basic ingredients and the concentrations of nicotine and flavorings. The ability to control the concentration of nicotine is considered a primary advantage over traditional cigarettes. Some e-cigarette users report this advantage can be helpful to people wanting to reduce their daily nicotine use.

When the user exhales the atomized mist, it evaporates quickly and can leave the aroma of the flavor chosen. This odor may or may not affect someone who is close by. Where traditional cigarettes are available in regular, menthol and light versions, e-liquids reflect a large menu of choices. Just a few of the available flavor groups are fruit, bakery, candy, menthol and tobacco.

Vaping advocates report that they enjoy the lower cost, the versatility and the novelty of the electronic technology. The broad range of products and the benefits of using a smoke-free alternative have likely attracted users, as well. Equipped with some basic information, you may feel more prepared to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to the new world of vaping.

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