Tips for Easing Stress in your Multigenerational Home

Living in a multigenerational home can be an amazing experience and one that will shape your future as well as that of everyone else in the home differently. It can also get stressful sometimes, so it’s important to find ways to ease stress. Read on to see some tips that can help you ease stress and make the most of living in a multigenerational home.

Ensure Communication is Free and Open

The most important thing where a multigenerational home is concerned is good communication. Keeping the lines of communication free and open to all is going to enable everyone to live comfortably and happily. For this reason, work hard at finding ways to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and their concerns dealt with. According to the Population Reference Bureau, almost 100 million Americans in 2060 will be 65 years or older. This means that the senior population will more than double over 40 years, a rapid expansion explained by the CDC to be based on the current size of the baby boom generation as well as the long lifespans of baby boomers.

Make Use of the Basement

The basement and other unused spaces in your home are all potentially usable areas that you should rethink. Making extra spaces habitable will be a great way of providing additional space for those who need it. Doing this will make it possible for your family to enjoy more privacy and have room to live comfortably at all times. The extra space may simply need a fresh coat of paint and some furniture, so don’t ignore the positive impact that it can have on your multigenerational home.

Plan for Extra Entrances

If you have enough money to set a budget for renovations, you could consider adding more entrances to your home. This will enable different people to maintain privacy with their schedules, and you will enjoy a happier space. Data shared by the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction or SOC states that the share of custom homes rose to 20.2% of all the single-family homes that were started in 2019. This means that many people are going for homes that are a bit different from the regular, and this is something you can do as well. Consider the number of occupants in your home as well as their ages and needs, so you can come up with an adequate number of additional doors to access the house.

Maximize on Ensuite Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important part of any home, and more so, a multigenerational one. To reduce friction among your family members and improve their comfort and convenience, consider making all bedrooms ensuite. Doing this will allow for more people to have access to this sensitive space whenever they need to, and they will also be able to enjoy privacy. Make the rooms on all floors ensuite so you can meet the needs of older members of the family who may have a hard time going up and down flights of stairs on a regular basis.

Share Responsibilities

Finally, it’s advisable for you to share the responsibilities within the home for better function and improved comfort. If you have toddlers, you may be surprised to learn that, on average, they take 176 steps every minute. It’s important to keep an eye on all members of the family that may have special needs, especially where mobility is concerned. Set a schedule that will work for everyone and have them know what’s expected of them at all times. From cleanliness and health to matters of food, it’s good to have every duty placed in good hands.

These tips will help you enjoy living in a multigenerational home and give everyone peace of mind so they enjoy sharing the space in your home!

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