Car Maintenance Tips 

Car Maintenance Tips
It’s that time of year when I start thinking about getting my car maintenance done. We just serviced our vehicles at work, and I remembered I need to do the same with mine. I rarely get work done throughout the year, so there are many things that I need to get checked out. With that in mind, I’m thinking about costs. The costs to get multiple services done at once can be sky-high. I’m not a fan of overpaying, so here are some car maintenance tips I will use to get the best price.

Ladies Day

If you are a woman or have a woman, take advantage of ladies’ day. Many oil change places have this special day. It’s where the ladies receive a special discount on services. These discounts go up to 50% off. Some shops offer additional services like a car wash and alignment at no additional price. Not every oil change place has such services, so be sure to do a quick google search or call your local shops to find out what day, services, and the price they have for you.

DIY What You Can

Not every service your car requires needs to be handled by a shop. Do the services you can handle on your own. For instance, wash your vehicle by hand. There is no need to run it through a car shop or take it to detail if you have some time to do it yourself. If your spouse or friend is handy and knowledgeable, have them change the oil, top off fluids, and fix minor issues. You can also purchase your own parts and have some of them placed on your car free of charge at places like Autozone. They can handle changing out some lights, placing batteries, and putting on windshield wipers. 


Car shops have coupons. You need to use them. You can find them in a host of places. I find mine in weekly mailers, and they are perfect for the services I need. You can also look on Groupon. I find cheap oil changes and maintenance on there.

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