Top Outdoor Signs

If you are looking to invest in some outdoor signage for your business, but need some advice on what to choose look no further. Outdoor signs are extremely popular worldwide; they are considered a necessity as opposed to a marketing tool. 

When deciding to invest in an outdoor sign you must consider your location, space and customer base. This way you can create outdoor signs that will fulfil your business’ purpose, either drawing people physically in store or to a certain location. 


Below are some of the top outdoor signs that you can invest in to reviltalse your business and its customer retention and engagement rates.


Fixed Outdoor Signs


Channel Letter Signs


This is one of the most popular outdoor sign businesses tend to adopt. They use them over the doors of their business or on the side of their buildings. They usually only consist of the businesses name as opposed to other details, but if you can find a vendor that makes these with exceptional quality, they can really do the trick. Many vendors that use their name as their logo opt for these signs for that reason. 


Cabinet Signs


Cabinet signs come in a variety of different forms. This is the best option for a business that is looking for a variety of outdoor signs. Cabinet signs can be created to be either single or double sided, depending on the information that you want to be shared. You can mount them on the wall of your establishment if you have a lack of outdoor space, they can even be located on poles too. Due to their versatility, they are a popular outdoor sign. 


Carved Signs


These are considered the classier types of signs to invest in for your business. They are often chosen by restaurants, and other establishments offering a service, as they connote a more luxurious vibe. Carved signs require little maintenance but are usually more expensive to source and install. 


The process of creating a carved sign is tedious; sign makers will need to carve through the wood first. Then they can choose to paint on or over the letters of your sign to make them really stand out. This 3-D effect offers a great vocal point for your business and can be both an indoor and outdoor centre-piece. 


Movable Outdoor Signs


Foldable Signs


These are most commonly found on pavements and walkways right outside stores to attract customers. Foldable signs can be easily changed and are usually chosen for businesses that have ever changing offers or deals in store. 


For exceptional quality, you should choose a metal frame to house your chosen signs. This can then be covered with durable plastic, this way it will withstand all weather. Foldable signs are a great space saver too; they can be stored with ease. They are especially popular with smaller stores with less marketing budgets due to their cheap installation costs.


Wearable Signs 


Whilst considered a fad-marketing ploy, wearable signs still do offer a niche outdoor sign option. Most wearable signs are done to create a buzz, evoke word of mouth marketing and make people laugh. You may have seen wearable signs used for the strangest of shops with unique offerings. Whilst this can be seen as a gag-sign, they are a great talking point. As they are manned by people, they could be a helpful addition to persuade customers to use your store. 


Small Mounted Signs


These signs can be mounted on to one location either using adhesive, screws or fixings. Due to their size and ability to move, business owners can swap and change their location as they wish. This is good for small stores, or stores that are continuously changing their advertising signs. The quality of these small mounted signs must be next level to ensure they last various location changes and moves. If you choose the right vendor then they could last for many years to come. 




Above are the top outdoor signs that you can use to help gain customer interest in your business. To choose the right sign for you, you must decide on your budget, the signs content and its location outside. 


For shops with a smaller area to play with they should consider movable signage, this way it is not permanent and can be changed as they so need. For larger and more established shops the fixed outdoor sign could be the way for you, whilst they are more expensive if created well they will withstand the test of time.

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