What to Consider If You’re Hiring a Nanny

In this day and age, it’s common for both parents to be working full-time jobs, doing whatever they can to support and provide for their family. When a child is thrown into the mix, everything can be turned around and upside down.

All of a sudden, it’s not just the two of you but now there’s a small human who seems to do nothing but cry, eat and sleep. Many families are turning to help. Right now, there are over one million childcare workers in the United States, with the sector set for a 7% growth over the next decade.

What if you find yourself in this situation, of having to hire a nanny or babysitter? If you’re thinking about it or it has crossed your mind, give these next items some food for thought.

What will the nanny do?

Typically speaking, there are two types of nannies in the world: live-in and live-out. Live-in nannies stay in your home full-time while live-out nannies won’t be living there. Pretty simple, right?

You’ll also have to think about what you want the nanny to do specifically. This often depends on the age of the child. If you have a baby, you may just want someone to watch the child while you’re working.

If you have a toddler, you may need someone to be with them, take them outside and cook them meals throughout the day.

If they’re older, maybe they’re solely in charge of picking them up and taking them to school or picking them up in the afternoon. It all depends on the needs of your family.

What does the nanny bring?

A bit similar to the first question, but quite different with the results. When you’re looking for someone to take care of your child, you want someone that will not only raise them the way you want them to be raised, but can also teach your child various skills.

If you’ve got a super active child who loves being outside, find a nanny that enjoys being active and playing outside or exploring. Maybe your child loves art, so you should find a nanny that loves arts and crafts.

Even though a “nanny” may be hard to find, it could be important to you to have a male figure with your young boys.

Nannies can also bring in extra skills, like playing the piano or teaching your child another language. Many families opt to bring in international nannies to expose their child to different parts of the world.

The Money

Hiring a nanny or babysitter is certainly not cheap and you don’t want to underpay someone who is responsible for the care of your child, but there are ways to hire a nanny and stay within your budget.

Going back to the first question, you may not need a nanny for the entire day. They could just be someone who helps take care of the child on just one day a week or picking them up from school in the afternoon and helping with homework. You don’t want to pay for a nanny that won’t be working too much.

Also, nanny-sharing is becoming more and more popular and is all part of the ever growing sharing community. You could pool together with folks in the neighborhood or at your school.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you’re clearing up everything with Uncle Sam and the IRS when it comes to taxes and payment. Don’t be caught blindsided and get caught in a financial mess.

You’re Not a Bad Parent

Some parents may think they’re not doing enough for their family or children if they decide to hire a nanny or babysitter. Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s a reason so many people say “it takes a village to raise a child”. You may not have the option of leaving them at the grandparents’ house or dropping them off with a neighbor.


So don’t feel bad because you asked for help. It may not even be something permanent, but anything that can help you and is helping your child is a great step. There’s no shame in asking for a bit of extra help and leaning on someone else.

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