Why is Bitcoin Called Digital Gold? 

If you have not yet discovered then let us tell you that bitcoin is going to take up the next few decades bringing all prosperity to everyone. Every one of us has till now come across people who compare gold and bitcoins barely realizing the reality as in why at all they need to do that. If we calculate potential profits of both gold and bitcoin, we would realize that both are proximately almost similar and they would bring back the same value. Hence it is very important to figure out and find out what are some similarities in both the items that make them self-independent to be competent with each other. 

Now that the economy has almost crashed many people are afraid to keep money in banks. Rather they prefer investing it on something that is correct. A few sets of people who are very clever are they are spending or investing their money on something worthwhile than just keeping the money in the bank. At some point in time, the money invested in the asset would eventually increase in some years. 

What Bitcoin has to offer us? 

Many experts have spoken about it and they are very sure that is a bitcoin comes into a combination with gold then together they would make some tremendous asset for the entire economy. Maybe this is why the bitcoin is shaped like a gold coin. It already gives you the imagination and the view of it. The designers of the bitcoin had already thought of it before announcing the existence of the bitcoin. 

Very soon bitcoin is going to take the world by the economy immensely. The power and the weakness of bitcoin is the fact that they are so volatile maybe because of that they are not being able to reign the world in spite of having the quintessential quality of doing extremely well. Well, digital gold can not be destroyed even ever it can just stop the production of it. But most importantly, as it is always told but the reality is that digital gold or bitcoin is not as anonymous as it is supposed to be. 

There have been several cases in the US and many other countries where the bitcoin underworld hackers have been gotten hold. Hence it is a very sad thing to say but the reality is that bitcoin traders can be traced and tracked by the most proficiently efficient group of people who knows all the hacks about it. 

Gold can be touched but bitcoins can not be touched and I think that must clarify you how powerful the digital currency is. Well, bitcoin has several plus points, one of them is also the fact that bitcoin can be transacted at the longest distance ever possible without having the fear of being stolen while gold has to be kept in a safe store plus moreover, you gotta have to send it very securely to whoever you want to and it can not afford to lose attention. 

We can compare the past histories of both the asset then we would see the risk and the availability of both the asset is very limited and they have to be remade and recreated hence it has to be made very diligently and everyone has to understand the significance and the importance of the coins only then they would be able to make up more money.  


The more you understand bitcoin the easier it would be for you to invest in bitcoins. Hence without understanding do not make the decision of not spending or investing in it. 

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