5 Things to DIY to Save Money

I love to DIY projects. Well, some projects. I have a limited range of crafting ability. I’m good at what I’m good at … then there are the other things.

Of course, if I’m having fun with a project then it doesn’t matter much how skilled at it I am. On the other hand, if I’m trying to DIY to save money, then my skills do come into play.

If it’s going to cost me more money to make something by hand than to buy it, then I have to think twice about whether or not it makes sense to DIY it. If I can make it for just a little bit less but it will cause me a lot of time and stress, then I have to consider that as well.

That said, there are some things that it’s almost always cost-effective to DIY.

1. Greeting Cards

I almost never buy greeting cards from the store. I love to send snail mail. In fact, I think that there are a lot of really cute cards in the store. Sometimes I have to stop myself from buying them. But I keep so many art supplies in my house that it doesn’t make sense to pay for greeting cards. I can easily upcycle cards and other papers into homemade greeting cards. They have a personal touch. Plus they barely cost me anything to make at all.

2. Art for the Home

You can purchase affordable art for your home. Alternatively, you can spend a fortune on art. The price range is really limited only by your own budget. That said, why pay for art at all when it’s so easy to make it yourself? Chances are that you have everything that you need in your home right now to DIY some art without paying a penny.

Otherwise, you can quickly craft pretty art at an affordable price. For example, I recently bought some beautiful printed papers that were on sale at a local store. I used old frames that I had in storage to frame those papers. That’s all I did. The end result was wonderful. I always DIY the art for my home.

3. Dressed Up Jeans

I always buy my jeans (and most other clothing) at thrift stores. I don’t like to pay a lot for them. However, that doesn’t mean I have boring jeans. Sometimes I find great stylish buys. Other times, I DIY the decorations on my jeans. You can use bleach, scissors, embroidery, sandpaper, and studs to DIY your jeans. The store price for brand new distressed or bedazzled jeans can be quite high. The DIY version is rarely so.

4. DIY Lamps

A great lamp sets the ambience of the entire room. Don’t pay for that style, though. Even the most inexpensive lamps are usually costlier than the DIY version. Whether you make just the lampshade or the whole thing, you can DIY a lamp to fit perfectly in with your home’s unique needs. There are so many different materials available to DIY lamps.

5. Computer Upgrades

I find it intimidating to update my computer. Adding RAM and getting into the internal parts of the system seems really overwhelming. And yet, I can do it. Therefore, you can probably do it. Working on your own computer can save you a lot of money on new electronics. It’s worth learning how to DIY those repairs.

What do you DIY to save money?

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