8 Free Activities to do at Weekends

They say that the best things to do in life are free. Nonetheless, coming up with ideas can be difficult. Fortunately, in this piece, we are here to guide you to look after your pennies and do some free activities. 

Below are 8 things you are able to do for free this weekend: 


Go on a walk 

If the weather is good, call a few friends and go for a walk. It depends where you live, if you’re lucky you can go on a long walk on the promenade, whereas if you live in the country opt for a hike. 


Not only does it cost nothing, but you are also getting in some exercise, whilst speaking to your friends and family. Remember to bring some water, and your dog if you have one, and enjoy a nice long brisk walk. 


There are many types of exercises you are able to do for free. The most obvious is to go on a walk or even a jog. However, there are other options too. You can visit the local park, bring a soccer ball, or a baseball and play with your friends. 


If you prefer something more therapeutic, find an open space and practice some yoga. The opportunities are endless, and you’ll do your body and mind a favor too. 

Go to the Beach 

If you live near the beach, it will cost nothing to bring your towel and swimming shorts to enjoy a nice day out at the beach. If the weather is good, you can also partake in frisbee, volleyball, or even just sunbathe. 


The beach is great as you can spend all day there, and not even spend a dime. Just remember to pack drinks and some food, and enjoy a lovely day at the beach with family or friends. 

Play Cards 

Nothing can beat a game of cards with friends. But if you fancy playing on your own, you are always able to play solitaire. In addition, with the plethora of online sites, you are even able to play classic card games like blackjack or poker for free. 


One of these sites where you are able to play demo versions is VSO. If you do fancy depositing and playing for real money, you can also find cashback casinos, so you get more bang for your buck. In addition, the site provides reviews on each operator and advises on how to get started. 

Write something 

To get the creative juices flowing, why not consider writing something? It may be an idea for a novel, or you might prefer poetry, whatever it is, give it a go. 


Find somewhere peaceful, either on your own or with friends, and start writing. You never know what you might come up with! 

Watch YouTube 

If you do not wish to leave the house, or it’s raining outside, there’s always YouTube available which is 100% free. Spend your time on the weekend catching up with your favorite content creators or watch the thousands of documentaries available on the site. 


If you wish to take it one step further, you have the option of creating your own channel, which is free. If you have a specific skill, which can be shared with the world, why not share it? And who knows, if it gets a lot of views you might even make some money! 

Go To A Free Class

Nowadays, with the internet, you are always able to find a free class you can take advantage of. One way you can get crafty is with free art classes. Check on Facebook or online forums, as someone will offer free classes ranging from sculpting to painting. 

Call a Friend 

If you are busy during the week, you could consider ringing an old friend at the weekend just to check-in. As most apps support free calls over the internet, you can even consider having a group chat perhaps with all your childhood friends. 


If you want to make it more exciting, you could organize a quiz and compete for a prize. You will have bundles of laughs whilst at the same time catching up with friends. 


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