Consumers Feel the Pinch as Record Cocoa Prices Leave Bitter Taste Just In Time for Valentine’s

Record-high cocoa prices are affecting the chocolate industry, with major manufacturers like Hershey issuing profit warnings to consumers facing increased costs amidst concerns over climate change’s impact on cocoa production. Here’s the whole story.  Bitter Reality At times, it seems things cannot get any worse, but unfortunately for us all, they can. In what is […]

Escalating Housing Affordability Crisis in the United States Leaves Millions Burdened and at Risk of Homelessness

America is in the grip of a housing affordability crisis, as soaring rent prices leave millions burdened and at risk of homelessness, prompting urgent legislative action at state and federal levels. Here’s the full story.  An Undue Burden The United States is facing an unprecedented housing affordability crisis, marked by soaring rent prices and vast […]

Game Over for the Video Games Industry? Profits Boom but AI and Massive Layoffs Shake Up the Sector

As video game companies make massive amounts of money, layoffs and restructuring are happening all across the industry, leading to calls for unionization. Here’s the full story.  The Game of Life During the pandemic, starved of human interaction and a place to gather safely, millions picked up a controller to console their deep-seated need to […]

BP Sends Mixed Messages on Sustainability Goals as Company Complains of Financial Strain

BP CEO advocates for shareholder returns while navigating green goals, sparking contentious debate amongst environmental activists. Here’s the full story. Won’t Somebody Think of the Oil Companies? As humanity finds itself on a planet whose rapid overuse of scant resources leads to an impending climate catastrophe, few companies can claim as much blame as the […]

San Francisco Proposes Welfare Drug Checks – No Funds for Addicts

San Francisco is grappling with proposed measures to screen welfare recipients for drug addiction, sparking a contentious debate over public safety, civil liberties, and the efficacy of compulsory treatment measures. Here’s the full story. Dystopian Shift San Francisco, one of the many coastal cities decried by many on the right for being a bastion of […]