43 Airports, 300,000 ‘Inadmissible Aliens’: Biden’s Controversial Spend

A recent freedom of information (FOI) request by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) against Joe Biden’s administration has allegedly revealed some hidden truths about Biden’s immigration efforts. Here’s the full story. CIS Report Unveils Biden’s Alleged Flight Scheme The CIS released a report based on a Freedom of Information request, which later turned into […]

$11 Billion Victory: Abbott’s Operation Lone Star Snags 500,000 at the Border

Greg Abbott has been making headlines this week after reaching a milestone in arrests, with almost 500,000 illegal immigrants having been apprehended in the three years since his brainchild, Operation Lone Star, began operating. Border Boast Abbott released these statistics on Tuesday in his 2024 Report To The People Of Texas.  Over 38,000 Arrests Made […]

Recession Alert: Wall St. Crash Predictor Raises Concerns

Financial analyst Gary Shilling had some tough words for people across the nation this week, with a dire warning about America’s tardy economy.  Expert’s Warning Despite the Biden administration repeatedly touting the strength of the economy, one expert strongly disagrees – Gary Shilling. Gary Shilling Predicts Recession Ahead In an interview with Newsweek, Shilling claimed […]