Boeing’s Safety Crisis: Shareholders Strike Back with Lawsuit, Top Executive Ousted

Boeing has announced the departure of an 18-year executive at the company after a lawsuit claimed that “safety was no longer a subject of board discussion.” Leadership Changes at Boeing Boeing, the aerospace giant undergoing a major safety crisis, has recently announced a series of leadership changes, including Executive Ed Clark’s ousting. Executive Departure Lounge […]

Billionaire Chicago White Sox Owner Seeks $1 Billion Taxpayer Funds for New Chicago Stadium

Despite the city of Chicago facing a migrant crisis and a homelessness crisis, owner of the White Sox and Chicago Bulls, Jerry Reinsdorf, is proposing to build a new stadium using taxpayer’s cash. Reinsdorf’s Stadium Request Jerry Reinsdorf, an 87-year-old billionaire who owns the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls, has asked the taxpayers in […]

25 California Counties Sue 101 Tesla Plants for Mishandling Toxic Waste

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is again being sued for its mishandling of toxic waste, this time by 25 different counties in California that found violations in 101 plants. Tesla’s Hazardous Waste Mismanagement  Allegations surrounding Tesla’s mishandling of hazardous waste have led to a legal dispute, leading to 25 counties in California filing lawsuits against the […]

Air Canada Chatbot Oversteps: Tribunal Intervenes, Orders Airline to Honor AI’s Promise

A British Columbian passenger was told he could not have a refund on bereavement purchases despite buying tickets based on what Air Canada’s AI chatbot had initially told them. Air Canada Ordered to Refund Passenger A Canadian tribunal has ruled that Air Canada must provide a partial refund to a Vancouver man, Jake Moffatt, based […]

Trump Introduces $399 ‘Never Surrender’ Sneaker Collection, Unlikely to Sport Them Himself!

After being hit with a combined total of $438 million of legal fines, including financial fraud and sexual assault, Trump was met with boos and cheers as he announced the release of his $399 “Never Surrender” sneaker collection in Philadelphia. Trump’s Sneaker Selling Spectacle Former President Donald Trump announced at “Sneaker Con” in Philadelphia that […]

Trump Slams $355 Million Penalty: Claims America Worse Than Third-World Country

After he was ordered to pay a huge $355 million penalty for inflating assets, an angered Trump assured the crowd that it was a politically influenced decision and that America is now “worse than a third-world country.” Trump’s Critique on $355 Million Penalty Former President Donald Trump has slammed a judge’s order demanding him to […]

Democratic Senator Warns: “Everyone Should Be Scared” After Trump’s NATO Remarks

A Democratic Senator has said that “everyone should be scared as hell” after Trump’s comments on foreign spending, while other Republicans continue to downplay his remarks. Congressional Concerns Rise Several Democratic senators expressed the urgent need to safeguard NATO from Donald Trump after the former president’s controversial comments about foreign aid funding. Democrat Senator “Scared […]

Sofia Vergara and Netflix Face Lawsuit Over ‘Griselda’ Series Depiction

Sofia Vergara and Netflix are being sued by an infamous Colombian drug lord’s son after the release of the smash hit “Griselda” on the streaming service. Introduction to the Griselda Series Netflix’s limited series, “Griselda,” featuring Sofía Vergara as infamous Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, was released before the controversy began. Blanco’s last surviving son, […]