California’s Energy Tango: Navigating Clean Power Goals and Gas Price Surges

Californian cities are experiencing higher gas prices than any other state in the country, driven by the State’s commitment to cleaner fuels. But this dedication comes at a cost, and consumers are paying the price. California’s Gas Price Challenge With an average gas price of $4.49, California surpasses the national average of $3.10. But what […]

45 Years on the Line: Premier League Billionaire’s Insider Trading Crisis

British billionaire Joe Lewis has pleaded guilty to US courts for securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud, facing a potential 45-year prison sentence. What impact will this have on his US and UK businesses? Scandal Hits British Billionaire Joe Lewis Joe Lewis, the billionaire majority shareholder of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur, […]

Wyoming’s Massive 2.34 Billion Ton Find Rattles China’s Mineral Control

The U.S. could be about to break China’s dominance in the rare mineral industry after discovering a reported 2.34 billion tons of rare minerals in a site in Wyoming. Groundbreaking Discoveries in Rare Earth Minerals American Rare Earths Inc. revealed a 64% increase from its original estimate of rare minerals found in Wheatland, Wyoming.  China […]