New McDonald’s Branch Beats Original: Triple the Visitors, Triple the Triumph

A McDonald’s spin-off restaurant called CosMc’s opened in one location to tap into a new market that McDonald’s has missed, and it drove three times more traffic than the original McDonald’s restaurant. CosMc’s Surges Ahead McDonald’s innovative CosMc’s spinoff, specializing in whacky drinks, is outpacing traditional Mickey D’s in attracting younger customers. A Beverage-Led Evolution […]

Top Football Club Owner in Hot Water: Could Serve 45-Year Term

British billionaire Joe Lewis has pleaded guilty to US courts for securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud, facing a potential 45-year prison sentence. What impact will this have on his US and UK businesses? Scandal Hits British Billionaire Joe Lewis Joe Lewis, the billionaire majority shareholder of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur, […]