Biden Slams “Shrinkflation” for Playing Americans as “Suckers” Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

In an address to the American public before the Super Bowl showdown, President Joe Biden took the opportunity to slam American food and beverage companies for a phenomenon known as “Shrinkflation,” which Biden says is taking the American people for “suckers.” Food and Beverage Industry Challenges Companies in the food and beverage industry in the […]

Super Bowl Players’ Payouts Hit New Highs As Viewers Deal with “Shrinkflation” on Game Snacks

Super Bowl 58 financially rewarded the players more than ever, but President Biden was focused on “Shrinkflation” during the pre-game build-up. Here’s a breakdown of the prize money secured per player for both teams. Super Bowl 58 The latest Super Sunday was a gripping game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, […]

Who Will Be the First Trillionaire? Musk, Bezos, and Arnault Lead the Wealth Race

We’re used to hearing about billionaires and their lavish lifestyles, but get ready for a whole new level of wealth – the trillionaire. Oxfam’s Warning Oxfam, the charity organization fighting against poverty, says we might see the world’s first trillionaire within the next ten years. Billionaire’s Bonus in 2020 Between the years 2020 and 2021, […]

Trump’s NATO Remark: ‘Encourages’ Russia, Claims “You Gotta Pay”

Trump has shocked both Republicans and Democrats ahead of the Presidential election by claiming he would “encourage” Russia to invade a top NATO country for not providing enough financial aid to Ukraine. Republican Outcry Against Trump’s NATO Stance Many Republicans are now distancing themselves from Donald Trump’s recent NATO remarks, criticizing him for not vowing […]

Wyoming Could Be The Key To Breaking China’s Dominance In Mineral Industry After 2.34 Billion Ton Discovery

The U.S. could be about to break China’s dominance in the rare mineral industry after discovering a reported 2.34 billion tons of rare minerals in a site in Wyoming. Groundbreaking Discoveries in Rare Earth Minerals American Rare Earths Inc. revealed a 64% increase from its original estimate of rare minerals found in Wheatland, Wyoming.  China […]

Tesla Faces Lawsuit Over Allegations of Racial Harassment at California Factory

A Tesla factory in Fremont, California, has been sued by its Black employees for continued discrimination since 2015, including graffiti that showed “Swastikas, threats, and nooses.” Allegations of Racial Harassment at Tesla Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, is facing serious allegations of fostering a hostile work environment for its Black employees. Lawsuit by the EEOC […]

Disney Pours $1.4 Billion Into Epic Games’ New “Meta-Verse” Despite Huge Job Cuts

Disney and Epic Games have both reduced their workload leading up to 2024, but that didn’t stop them from investing over a billion dollars in a collaboration for a brand new meta-verse. Disney and Epic Games Collaboration Unveiled Disney and Epic Games have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to create an unprecedented gaming universe. Disney’s $1.5 […]