Common Household Items You Can Live Without

Common Household Items You Can Live Without

After Christmas, you will bring new goodies into your home. Right around the new year, it will be time to make room for those items in your space. That means you need to get rid of the old stuff, but what should you trash and what should you keep? If you’re finding it difficult to decide what to purge, follow along for the most common household items you can live without.

Excessive Kitchen Gadgets

If you walk into any home goods aisle, you will see not only dishes and cookware but also a multitude of different kitchen gadgets. I have purchased a strawberry stripper, multiple measuring cups, a mini cheese grater, metal straws, and much much more. What do all those items have in common? I do not need them and rarely use them. Only buy kitchen gadgets that you will use regularly. Don’t be like me and buy them because they are cute or with the idea you can put them to use later. Doing so just clutters your space.


We tend to purchase electronics in excess the same way we do kitchen gadgets, but they aren’t all necessary. For example, you could probably do without one less television in your home. I know I have 5, and only two get watched. You may also have excess smart devices, convenient gadgets meant to make your life easier, or products you thought were cool. Keep the ones you use, and throw out those that you don’t. I had a ton of Google Home minis and countless electronics like a three-year-old Keurig that I never took out the box, which I purged from the house this year.


Hear me out! Bedding is a definite must, but some of us go way overboard. You do not need ten comforter sets to fix one bed. Not only is that a lot you have to store, but your probably not going to be changing them out that often. People also tend to go overboard on pillows. I know because I am one of those people. I probably have about 20 decorative pillows on my bed. At night I don’t sleep with them. They typically get thrown off the bed while I sleep on one or two. Pillows are expensive, so only get what you need and skip the excess.

Bedding, kitchen gadgets, and electronics are some of the common household items you can live without, but are there more? Let us know in the comment box.

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