Frugal Facebook Groups to Follow in 2020

Frugal Facebook Groups to Follow in 2020

If you love saving money, you love doing your research. One of the best ways to learn more about savings and connecting to other frugal consumers is through social media. I’m in many groups that align with my likes. From learning the credit card game to marriage advice, there is a group for everything. For all of us frugal consumers, here are some of the best frugal Facebook groups to follow in 2020.


Im in many grocery coupon groups. I love learning about special in-store sales and promotions through these groups. They also help with coupon deal scenarios and frequently show you their hauls. If you like couponing and love saving on your grocery bill these groups are for you. My top groups include Publix Savings 101, Kroger Krazies Couponing, Couponing at Kroger, and Dollar General Digital Couponing Only.

Big Boxed Stores

If you are looking for deals on televisions, home goods, toys, apparel, books, and other goods, big box stores are where you want to be. These groups on Facebook offer great information. They show you current deals at various stores and also help you locate and negotiate in-store deals. Additionally, they show you how to use a site called Brickseek to look up the price of clearance items at your store and stores in the surrounding area.

The best groups include Target Deals, Clearance & Couponing, Walmart Clearance Finds and More, and Couponing At Walmart Lowest Prices Too!  If you like Amazon deals or Glitches you can check out Glitches, Freebies, Codes and Amazing Deals Online, and The Glitch Witch-Snarky Deals Group.

Savings Groups

If you are looking to maximize savings and curb spending, there are great groups for that as well. My personal favorites include investing and Personal Finance Club, Women’s Personal Finance (Women on FIRE), and Your Money and Your Life. These groups help you save more, negotiate salaries, and cheer you on your savings journey.

No matter what your preference, there is a group out their suite to your needs. Check out some of the many frugal Facebook groups to follow in 2020 I posted about and let us know your personal favorites in the comments.

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