Frugal Traveling Tips – How to Travel Around the World with Limited Money?


You can travel the world even if you are not rich. The mantra for it is the prioritization of essential things and to economize on the rest of the non-essential stuff in traveling.

The approach of most of the people who wish to go around the globe is travel affordability. To make your travel affordable is not a big deal until and unless it becomes a priority for you. The primary question: Do you wish to travel?

If traveling now has become your priority, we have listed strategies that may help you save on the cost of your next journey. Most of you might be having enough bank balance to spend. Still, you must not waste your resources on non-essential travel costs.

You consider every penny while deciding on your regular budget. The same approach is needed when you are planning a trip. The fact is traveling is affordable for everyone. Another cost-saving thing is to check the weather conditions of your travel destination. Be prepared and carry the essential stuff required for your trip. You can explore’s list of countries to check the weather forecast for the place you are planning to travel to.

Traveling Tips That Can Save Money

Let us look at some of the strategies while you travel that might help you make your trip memorable and worth it.

1. Prioritize Your Essentials and Non-Essentials

Prioritization is the first and the crucial factor for your trip. It is not hard for you as you are involved in managing your everyday expenses. Some of you prefer a beautiful house over a luxury car. Others might find it ok to spend a little on their living space but would like to spend on something more exciting in their life, for instance exploring different cities.

Every small thing counts. Maybe you would like to spend lavishly on gourmet coffee. But for everything else, the store brand might be ok with you. Similarly with travel, if you wish for affordable traveling, you must give priority to experience. It should be the ultimate goal of your trip. Rest all things are negotiable.

Staying in a hostel makes sense as you travel most of the time and enjoy sightseeing. Preparation of breakfast and dinner will allow you to have lunch outside with drinks at night of your choice. Finding a budget airline to your destination helps you in huge savings of cost. Your luggage must not be too heavy as you might have to pay for extra luggage.

The idea is not to deprive you of things but to make you spend wisely and ensure that the cost of travel is within your budget.

2. Association with Reward Program for Travel

You must be aware that most airline companies are migrating to revenue-based loyalty schemes. It means now you may not earn loyalty points based on mile flying but rather how much was your spending.

It brings us to the conclusion that you might not win a free air ticket soon. But there is nothing to lose in starting. You are not required to pay for any sign-up. Moreover, if you are a newbie, you might earn thousands of reward points. It gives you a way to get a credit card as a reward for travel. 

You can earn reward points for travel not only from the airline industry but also from hotels. With a loyalty program partner scheme, it becomes easy to win a lot of points on purchases.

3. Lowest Airfare Research is a Necessity

The airfare probably is the category that is easy for you to save on travel costs. It is because the flying experience with almost every airline is the same. Google is the best source that helps find the cost-saving on airfares if you are flexible with your travel itinerary. You must understand that not every airline is on the Google list. Hence you might have to work an extra mile to research the best airfare available.

Decide your destination and search for the best airfare with various airlines operating in more than two hundred countries. Ensure that you get the best deal from the airline, and for that, you must give time to get the best rate. Know about all the airports of your destination. In most cases, there is a single airport. But bigger cities have more than one airport.

Budget airlines generally provide their services in smaller airports. Browse the airport(s) website you wish to land on and explore the airline company giving services in those airports. Make a comparison study on the ticket cost of various airlines from their website. Search engines such as Expedia or some other holiday planning sites also help in giving you the best option for competitive airfare.

Never carry unnecessary clothes in your luggage. You will end up paying for check-in. The clothes are washable during your vacation. You might have to take out fashion from your mind while experiencing a holiday vacation.

4. A Place to Stay Without a Cost

If you have relatives or friends who are in some exciting place, it is a piece of great news. You can request them to provide you with a place to sleep on a spare bed or even a couch. The best part of exploring an exciting place where you have someone known helps in knowing the famous places to visit in the area.

Even if you have no known person at the destination of your travel, no worries, the internet is your best source to find a place to stay without a cost. CouchSurfing is known to everyone. Here you will find a bed, couch, or floor space to enjoy your sleep.

The hostel is the next best option if you do not want to explore Couchsurfing or if you do not wish for the entire house. Hostels are not free but cheap and affordable. It provides dormitory-style beds for you to have a comfortable sleep.

5. Airbnb Listing

Just like you who are exploring places to stay in your holiday destination, many travelers are doing the same. You can list your house space on Airbnb and let your house get used by a traveler. It will help you earn a considerable amount which you can use for your travel budget.

6. Reducing Dining Expenses by Self-Cooking

If your accommodation allows you access to the kitchen, it is the best option as you will save your cost while cooking for yourself. Remember your objective to travel is the experience that is the priority. Still, if you wish to have food outside, lunch is the best time. Most of the restaurants offer discounted prices during the mid-meal time. Apply the same strategy if you like to have drinks. Always enter a bar during happy hours.

Travelling is a Great Learning

The world is too big for an individual to travel to every place. But we should not leave an opportunity if we get a chance to explore any new destination. In every destination, you will find something interesting. It can be history, some breathtaking places, culture, beliefs, and many more.

You meet different kinds of individuals on your travels. It is the best learning that you get about life and a lot of other things. You get to know their thought process about life and ways to enjoy it. Some habits you find interesting, but some might not suit you. Take all the positive learning from the people you meet on your travels and leave off the bad ones.

Plan your travel budget minutely and visit destinations that will suit your pocket. Travelling is not only going to well-known places for various enjoyments. Travel is an experience to explore things that you are not aware of at all. A vacation is a must for you to get rejuvenated.

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