Techniques To Extend the Life of a Soap Bar

Extend the Life of a Soap Bar

About a month ago, my coworkers and I had a conversation about soap. A question was posed asking how long did a single bar of soap last at home. Most of my coworkers agreed that one week max was about what they got out of theirs. This struck me as odd because mine lasts longer. So what was I doing differently than them? For me, it was not overusing my soap bar, but what other ways can you extend the life of a soap bar?

Avoid Excess Water

Give your soap bar time to dry out completely. There is no reason it should be exposed to running water consistently. Place it in an area devoid of moisture. Frequent exposure to moist conditions means a bar that is always melting down. The longer it’s moist, the faster the soap bar disappears. Instead, everyone in your household should have their own bar and sit it out to dry between uses.


When your soap bar gets too small, don’t throw it out. Gather up all your tiny soap bits and shavings, and turn them into liquid soap. You do this by grating the excess shavings then throwing them, along with filtered water, in a pot to boil. Once finished, let it cool, emulsify it, place it in a pump, and you are ready to lather up. If you don’t care for liquid soap, turn it into a whole new soap bar or laundry soap.

Buy Quality Soap

Don’t go for the cheap soap. Sure it’s cost-effective in the short term, but the ingredients in it make it subpar in terms of longevity. Instead, opt for a better-made soap. Prime options include goat milk and shea butter soaps. These soaps last up to a month, which is three weeks longer than some bar soaps.

Soap should last more than a week. By making a few simple tweaks to how you use yours, you can extend the life of a soap bar by several weeks. If you have tips on how to make soap last longer, be sure to comment below.

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