Get Paid to Do Online Surveys: Is It Worth It?

For awhile I really enjoyed the idea that I could get paid to do online surveys. After all, I already spend a lot of my downtime on my phone. Why not use that downtime to answer surveys and earn some money? However, I discovered that for me, it wasn’t really worth it. That’s not to say others can’t benefit, though. This is something that each person must assess for themselves.

Why I Didn’t Think It Was Worth it To Get Paid to Do Online Surveys

I signed up with several of the most reputable apps and services that allow you to get paid to do online surveys. I didn’t just rush in willy nilly. Instead, I did my research.

Generally, you have to enter some really basic information to get started. No problem there. Then you can begin to answer surveys. The more information you’ve provided in that initial set-up, the more likely it is that you’ll qualify to receive surveys.

Starting Surveys Was Often a Waste of Time

I did receive surveys. However, oftentimes, I found that after answering a few questions, I would get booted from the survey. In other words, I didn’t qualify after all. For example, I might answer several questions then come across a question about my car. When I would answer, “I don’t drive” or “I don’t own a car” the app would respond to let me know that I wasn’t qualified to complete the survey after all.

Since I had entered this information already in the initial setup, I’m not sure why I would get the survey in the first place then. It was frustrating. I had taken the time out of my day to start the survey and I wasn’t compensated at all.

It Takes Time to Generate Enough Money to Cash Out

Almost all of the sites where you can get paid to do online surveys have a minimum cash-out amount. You have to answer enough surveys to reach that number before you can receive any money. I found that it took so long to earn that money that I typically gave up before I even cashed out. There are several reasons that it takes so long:

  • Each survey only pays a small amount.
  • It takes a lot of time to answer a large number of surveys, especially with the aforementioned “not qualifying” issue.
  • The minimum threshold payment was often quite high.

Why Some People Do Benefit from Taking Paid Online Surveys

Just because I found that this method of earning a side income wasn’t for me doesn’t mean that it’s not right for everyone. In my case, I simply found that I could make better use of the time. I could use that downtime to improve my social media marketing, ultimately making more money off of my other work. I could answer work emails and other tasks. Therefore, my own business suffered when I tried to get paid to take online surveys.

However, that’s not the case for everyone. Many people find that they have a lot of downtime and that they can indeed making money taking surveys online. If you are willing to put in the time, these are legitimate sites available that do allow you to earn money in this way. Additionally, some people actually enjoy the experience of answering questions for these surveys. You might discover that you learn a lot about yourself and the products that you like when you take these surveys. If you enjoy them, and you can earn some side money from them, then why not try to get paid to do online surveys?

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