How to Get Free Gift Cards

I almost always get free gift cards by using my credit card rewards points. However, I would prefer to use my credit card rewards to get cash back. Therefore, I’ve been looking into new options to get free gift cards.

Many apps allow you to earn free gift cards. Plus there are some great deals offered by specific companies, so if you shop with them, then you can get their gift cards. Furthermore, I’ve come across some unique options to expand those basic choices.

Using Credit Cards to Get Free Gift Cards

Many credit cards offer gift cards as an option for what you can purchase with your points. There are pros and cons.

You’re already spending that money anyway, so these truly are free gift cards. However, you have to use your points on them, so you don’t get to use those points for rewards you might want even more.

If you’re going to use your credit cards rewards to get free gift cards, keep these things in mind:

  • Aim to get cards using the lowest possible rewards points to get the maximum value.
  • Use this option to get free gift cards that you can use to make purchases that feel like a splurge.
  • On the other hand, buying necessities with those gift cards does save you money on your total budget.
  • Gift cards can make great gifts for other people, so this is a wise way to use those points.
  • If you can use the rewards for cash back, skip the gift cards, and get the cash instead.

Rebate Apps to Earn Free Gift Cards

The most popular way to get free gift cards is to earn them through apps and websites. The most common option is to use rebate apps that let you earn those gift cards. Here are some of the places to check out if you want to take advantage of this option:

  • Berry Cart
  • Ebates
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Honey
  • Ibotta
  • Plenti
  • Receipt Hog

These each operate in different ways. Generally, you either link your accounts or scan your receipts to find money-back savings, which you can then cash out for cards.

Other Apps to Earn Free Gift Cards

In addition to rebate apps, you can find some other great apps and websites that allow you to earn free gift cards. Typically, you have to perform some kind of action in order to get points that you can then redeem for free gift cards.

For example, check out Swagbucks. You can use this tool to earn points by watching videos, playing games, reviewing products, and performing many other tasks. Then you can use those points to buy gift cards without ever spending a dime. Swagbucks often has sales on their gift cards, so save up your points until you see a good sale. This allows you to maximize the investment of your time to get free gift cards.

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks. However, you can also earn money from shopping online. In fact, that’s the bulk of how you’ll earn points here, but you can supplement that with the tasks that are similar to Swagbucks’ tasks.

Online survey sites also frequently offer free gift cards in exchange for the time you take to answer consumer questions. Check out Survey Junkie to get started. Once you’ve earned 1000 points there, you can cash out for gift cards.

Check With Specific Companies

If you enjoy shopping with specific companies, then you should look for their offers to get free gift cards. For example, Xbox Live fans can complete missions to earn rewards specifically for Xbox Store gift cards. Similarly, Amazon has their Amazon Associates and Amazon Trade-In options, both of which allow you to earn gift cards.

Additional Ways to Get Free Gift Cards

In researching this topic, I also found some more unique ideas to get free gift cards:

  • Buy gift cards. Gift Card Granny sells gift cards at a discount plus you earn points towards free gift cards.
  • Play games. For example, earn gift cards when you play games in the Razer Cortex library.
  • Refer others. For example, get a gift card from Amazon when you refer someone to Prime using your link.
  • Switch companies. Look for deals to get free gift cards when you sign up with new companies. For example, switching to a new pharmacy can earn you gift cards.
  • Use Recyclebank to earn gift cards for recycling and for learning more about sustainability.
  • When people ask what you want as a gift, tell them you want gift cards.

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