How To Get Free Postage Stamps

Get Free Postage Stamps

I know many of us do not mail letters, but there may come a time when we need to. When those times hit me, I’m never ready. Never mind finding an envelope, the hunt for stamps is gruesome. I never want to buy them because it’s inconvenient, and if I buy a book of stamps, it will be years before they get used up. Instead of coming out of my pocket, I have to get them free. Follow along to find out where to get free postage stamps today.

Friends and Family

The first place I go for free stamps are people I know. It’s not uncommon for me to ask a coworker, “do you have stamps?” If they don’t have any, I have no problem asking my mother, siblings, or other friends if they have any. More than likely, at least one of them will have a stamp that I can have at no cost to me.

Free Online Sites To Get Free Postage Stamps

If your family does not have you covered, some sites offer free stamps. You can check out freebies on Craigslist free stuff categories and in Freecycle. You can also try out the site St. Vincent Stamps. The site offers a collection of up to 150 worldwide stamps. These stamps are perfect for collectors, but you can not choose which stamps you receive. You can request the stamps here. You can reach out to the International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors as well.
If you can’t find someone to borrow stamps from and the freebie sites don’t work for you, just pay. Stamps are cheap. They are just fifty-five cents each. The cheapest way to get one for your mail is to go right into the USPS store. After weighing your package, they can tell you exactly how many stamps you need and the cost for just those few stamps. If you need other postal products, you can get them on the USPS website free here.

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