Instances When Frugality Backfires

Instances When Frugality Backfires

I pride myself on being frugal. It helps keep my bills low and my pockets full. I am always giving tips to my peers on how they can lead a more frugal life as well. Now when I say frugal, I do not mean cheap. I also do not mean living well below my means so that I do not get to enjoy all the things I love. It’s more so living in moderation. I will say that not every frugal decision has been rewarding. There are instances when frugality backfires. Follow along to learn more.

Price Over Quality

Let me tell you, always go for quality items for less. Do not just buy a product because it is cheap. While cheap is not always bad, it does come with some issues. When I first started couponing and bargain shopping, I was buying many things because they were inexpensive. Some of those items, like discount clothing, would tear or break easily. As I have learned, I now go for the name brand or more quality products with reviews to back them that have been heavily discounted. Then I get the better item but still save a lot of money.


Right up there with shopping for cheap items is buying too many of them. Many times when you find a good deal, you may be tempted to overbuy. I have bought so many personal care items like deodorants, soaps, and razors. While many of those things last over time, some of them do not. I recently had to throw out a box full of tanning lotions and sunscreen, along with spoiled food items that have been in the cabinet for months. Think ff how much money could have been saved if I just left those items in the store.

There are many other instances when frugality backfires. For me, it has been a lack of sleep trying to plan shopping trips and clip coupons. Also, I was getting up early in the morning to be the first one in store to catch the deals. What are some ways that frugality has backfired on you?

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