Is Frugality the Way to a More Fulfilled Life?

I do not know about you, but I love saving money. I save money on everything from my mortgage payment to cars and insurance, cellphone and internet services, food, and grocery. There is no limit to how much research goes into finding good products and services at a more frugal price. Is all the research worth it, and is frugality a way to a more fulfilled life?

What It Means to Be Frugal and What it is Not!

I would have to say, living a more frugal life is rewarding for me and those around me. Let me just say frugal does not mean cheap. It does not mean extreme sacrifice, or living on a fourth of your check and barely scraping by. It means living on less and purchasing quality for less. In contrast, it means being consciously aware of your purchase decisions and only buying things that you need or will positively enhance your life. Also, it means saving money in some categories for the things you want in others.

Is Frugality A Way to a More Fulfilled Life

Frugality can make your life more fulfilling if done correctly. Living in this way allows you to assess your life objectively. You may ask yourself, what are the things you can live with and without? What things bring you much enjoyment or little enjoyment? What goals do you wish to accomplish now and in the future? For me, I focus on my goals. I know I want to pay my house off, purchase and fully pay off some land and overseas investment property, and retire in the next ten years. I also know I love to eat out and go on vacation.

Everything I do centers around my goals and what is important to me. When I shave some money off my phone bill, that money is funneled to my savings and investments. After working a few extra hours, that can pay for a vacation I want to go on or a meal at a restaurant I have been dying to visit. When I choose to find free ways to experience movies, recreation, and other sources of entertainment, I do so so that I can put more of my money into my future properties and retirement. Alongside getting to still have fun and enjoy the thing I love, frugality makes me happy because I know my conscious decisions today will make for a better future now and tomorrow.

If frugality has helped bring satisfaction to your life, let us know in the comments and watch the posted video for more frugal tips.

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