Is It OK to Use a Check With an Old Address?

Use check with old address

It is not often we use checks. When we do, it’s for something worthwhile or required. If it has been a while since you pulled out the old checkbook, you may notice an old address listed. If that’s the case, you may wonder, is it ok to use a check with an old address? We are here to ease your fears and answer that burning question.

Yes or No

If you pull out a check and the address is incorrect, yes, you can still use it. In order to use it, the check must properly display the correct checking and routing number for your individual banking account. If the account information is correct then the bank can withdraw money from your account with no problem.

What Should You Do If Your Check has an Old Address?

While you can still use your check, there are other things you can do to correct the problem. You can go into your bank branch and talk with a banker. There you will be able to submit an address change. Once you do that, they can reissue your new checks with the corrected address on them.

If you do not have time to go into a branch, no worries. Log into your online banking account. While there, you should be able to change your address with little effort. If you are not into wasting paper, you can try crossing over your old address and writing in your new one. You can also use up your old checks before getting the updated ones.

Whether you need to pay a bill or simply need to buy groceries, it is okay to use a check with an old address. As long as your account details are good, it will all be ok. Just change your address with your bank when you get the time.


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