Key Indicators Your Book Idea is Great

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When it comes to writing and publishing a book – insecurity can be a huge problem – especially for inspiring authors who haven’t completed and published a single book yet.

The question is – how does one know that they have a good book idea?

Let us assess some key indicators that your ideal readers will actually be reading your book.

How Do You Feel About It?

The first question you will want to ask yourself is whether you like the idea or not. It might feel a bit weird at first to ask yourself whether you like the book idea – because – obviously, you must have liked it as you were thinking about it.

Nonetheless – the truth is that sometimes people like the idea of an idea more than they would actually feel the same about it when they actually start writing. With that said, you will want to consider whether the book idea intrigues you.

You will want to be passionate about writing down that idea as your readers will be good at telling whether you have been passionate about the subject or not. Remember – you will be spending loads of time with that idea for your book, which is why you will want to feel passionate about actually writing a high-quality book.

You might want to look for ghostwriters for hire if you don’t want to spend extensive hours writing the book daily. If done properly – working with a ghostwriter can save you loads of time in the process. Another potential benefit of hiring a ghostwriter could be that the writing quality might be higher.

If you are thinking about hiring a ghostwriter – the chances are that you probably don’t think that you are a good writer yourself. So, by hiring a ghostwriter, you could significantly boost the quality of your book. And don’t worry – you will still get to keep all the royalties, and the book will be published under your name.

Conversely, a good editor can also help you improve your writing. But – if you are a non-native English speaker or have a great book idea but cannot type – because of a disability, a ghostwriter will certainly have your back and make the book writing process so much easier.


Who is Your Audience?

For any book that you write – you will need an audience. In order to write a book and also succeed in the publishing process – you will have to ensure that you have an audience that is willing and looking forward to your type of book.

If you have decided on a niche, you can check out how many people are active in that particular niche on Google or Amazon. You will also want to check out comments and book reviews to assess the engagement level of that audience.

The more engaged the audience is – the more interest there is in a subject, which means that you can pick something around that subject. But – make sure that you are passionate about the subject so that you will actually enjoy the writing process.

Here is the thing – you will want to ensure that the subject of your book is something that you can spend a lot of time on. For instance, you might be interested in entrepreneurship, and perhaps it would make you happy to write a few things about it – but – it is useless if you wouldn’t get excited about writing every single day about it.

Perhaps – you would be interested and passionate about writing horror short stories instead. Fiction might be something that would keep you going every single day as you would really enjoy the writing process and feel happy about it as compared to writing a self-help book for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you feel yourself getting bored of the idea already – while you are reading this – it is a strong indicator that you probably don’t like the genre/ subject enough to spend as much time as is needed on it in order to produce a great book.


Make Sure the Book is Relatable

If you want to write a book that your ideal readers will love, you must ensure people can relate. As an avid reader, you might already know that people enjoy a book the most when they can find meaning in it, and to find meaning, they should be able to relate to it.

Relatability is the number one way to hook your readers, build a fan base, and even build a community around your genre.

This aspect perfectly explains why non-fiction books have a core theme or message around them because not everybody is going to be able to relate to the author’s personal story – but – they will be able to relate to the overall theme.

Regarding non-fiction, people generally don’t pick up a book because they want to relate to the theme. Mostly, people pick up a fiction book to actively invest themselves in somebody else’s life, and for people to be hooked on your book, they need to relate to your characters.

For fiction, the readers have to build a kind of bond with these fictional characters – because – they have to care about their journey and their life to enjoy the story and be invested in it.


Uniqueness Stands Out

Your ideal readers will love your book when it is unique. Understandably, not every single book out there will be 100% unique – there will always be similarities between different books. But as a writer, you will have to think about how to write about something uniquely.

When it comes to uniqueness, it is not the content that will make the book stand out – but you as a writer and what you can bring to that idea that will make the book stand out. The underlying idea is to write a book that might feel familiar to people but also feels unique and fresh based on what you bring to it.

So, if you feel like you can integrate new angles and different information into a topic that might be covered quite a bit, that is your uniqueness, which will make people want to buy your book.


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