Save on Books You Love

Save on Books You Love

We all have things we enjoy or hobbies that help us relax at the end of a long day. For me, I like to read. I like the feel of turning the pages. Reading the passages aloud helps me see the pictures more clearly. With an open mind, I drift off into new worlds and scenery. While I love to read, sometimes books can be costly. If you’re looking for a great way to save on books you love, I have some tips.

Book Shop Sales

I love a great sale. Bookstores often have sales on “Last Chance” items all the time. If you wait until the end of a season, you will find great reads for as much as 90% off. Today was my lucky day for books. I went over to Barns & Noble with my clients from work. While there, we happened to find several 75% off shelves. Towards the register, we hit the jackpot. There were tons of books for as low as $3 and games for as low as $2. I scored books on yoga, gardening, and baking for $15. I also got my hand on four Funko Pop games, a Star Trek Game, and Riverdale Monopoly for only $12. That’s over $200 savings.


Another place I go searching for books is Amazon. Most books will be cheaper than what you can get for the regular price in the bookstore. In addition to low prices, sometimes books have deals. I recently purchased eight financial books for my girl’s finance group. On Amazon, the books were buy one get one 50% off. While they were in new condition, you can also get discounts on books by shopping used.


A library is great if you want to check out books and return them. If you like to hold on to them for a while, you may think this isn’t the best place to save on books you love. You are thinking wrong! Libraries usually have a corner of the building set up as a bookstore. Older out of date materials and duplicates are typically placed there for sale. At my library, twice a year, they have a great sale at their bookstore. You can score any book, cd, or movie for $0.25 each. You should check with your library to see if they have a similar sale you could take advantage of.

Garage Sales

Other places to find great books on sale are yard and estate sales. You can find all types of books at these types of sales and haggle your way to better prices. You may come across a rare book or just something that piques your interest. This goes for thrift store finds as well.

A book doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can save on books you love by thrifting, hitting the library, purchasing on Amazon, or waiting for seasonal sales.

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