Save Money on Uber and Lyft: Apps to Reduce Your Rideshare Fees

You probably already save money with Uber and Lyft. However, did you know that you can also use apps to help you save money on Uber and Lyft? In other words, Uber and Lyft save you money compared to cabs and some other transportation options. However, you can save even more money than just what you save by using the apps. There are apps that you can use to supplement what you save on either of those rideshare tools.

FareWell Comparison App

You can save money on Uber and Lyft by using both companies instead of just one of them. At any given time, the same ride might be cheaper with Uber than with Lyft or vice versa. Of course, it can be annoying and time-consuming to input directions into both apps in order to find the cheaper one for the ride. Moreover, by the time you switch from one app to the next and back, the rates might have changed.

Save yourself the trouble but still get the benefits of comparison by using the FareWell app. This app allows you to save money by comparing Lyft and Uber ride rates within one app. You open the app then enter your destination just like you would with either Uber or Lyft. Then you can easily see the current rates for the ride on Uber vs. Lyft.

Furthermore, the app compares the most-similar services. For example, you will see the current ride rates for uberPOOL vs Lyft Line. Below that, you might see the current ride rates for UberXL vs. Lyft Plus. In other words, you can see all of your options and choose the cheapest one from either company that suits your immediate needs. You book the ride in the FareWell app, so you’re only using one app to save money on Uber and Lyft.

Freebird: Cash Back Rewards

Freebird is the other major app that you should download in order to save money on Uber and Lyft. This is a cash back rewards app. You open the app and connect it to your Uber and/or Lyft accounts. Then you use Freebird to book your rideshare rides. Every time that you take a ride, you get cash back through the app. You can transfer your cash back rewards directly to your bank account.

Additionally, Freebird offers suggestions about places to go. For example, if you want to go out to a restaurant but haven’t yet picked one, check with Freebird. They partner with various places to offer additional cash back incentives. Therefore, you might select a specific destination then get extra cash back for taking Uber or Lyft there.

Unfortunately, since both Freebird and FareWell book your ride through their apps, you can’t combine the two. In other words, you can’t find the lowest fare with FreeWell and simultaneously get cash back through Freebird. So you’ll probably want to choose one or the other to use to save money on rideshares.

Other Ways to Save Money on Uber and Lyft

Of course, apps aren’t the only way to save money on Uber and Lyft. Other options include:

  • Make sure to choose the lowest-cost rideshare option whenever possible. For example, select Shared Saver in Lyft, which might require you to walk a few extra blocks to get your ride but saves you a few dollars for doing so.
  • Link your Uber and Lyft with your credit cards that offer the best rewards. Why not get cash back every time you take a ride, whether or not you use the Freebird app?
  • Pay attention to special offers and promotional deals. These companies compete with each other so they offer incentives for choosing one over the other.
  • Keep an eye out for emerging alternatives to Uber and Lyft. For example, see if Nomad Rides is available in your area.

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